Sunday, 13 December 2015

What's In My Bag | Winter Edition | Blogmas | Day Thirteen

My bag is from Ted Baker and I received this from my very generous boyfriend for my 21st birthday back in July. It's absolutely gorgeous and the colour is just to die for!

My make up bag is also from Ted Baker, I may just be a little obsessed with how gorgeous their products are! Even though this looks quite small, it fits all my make up products I use for the day! This was around £21 which I think is an alright price for a make up bag! 

I saved up some for some time for this and so glad I did. Also from Ted Baker this cost me £70 which it took me A LONG time to pluck up the courage and buy! I love the pale pink and inside is rose gold which if you show me anything rose gold I fall in love with it instantly! 

My car keys, I couldn't go very far without these! I bought this plum pom pom from New Look for about £6 as it matches the colour of my bag, and also it's big enough so I don't lose my keys! 

I never leave the house without these in my bag! I live next to the sea so my hair can go pretty wild quickly from the wind and rain! If you have never owned a tangle teaser I'd seriously invest in one! It's the best thing i've ever purchased and I couldn't live without it! 

Lastly, I carry around these! 

Zoella hand cream |  My  hands get very dry in the winter months and this is the best hand cream I've ever used! 

Impulse and Gold Magic perfume by Little Mix |  I always carry about body spray and perfume as it's  handy to have and someone always asks me if I have any nice smelling products at some point through the day to borrow.

My inhaler |  If  you have asthma you'll understand winter can suck for us! So if I don't carry it around I really start to suffer in the cold! 

Ear Phones | Something I always carry around me, I always need them at some point and it's always the way, when I forget them, I need them! Typical!

Tissues | Am I the only one that feels like my nose never stops running throughout November and December? I love Winter but I hate having a tissue constantly attached to my hand! So these are something I always carry with me!

What do you have in your bag throughout Winter? Let me know below! 

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