Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Vlogmas Favourites | Blogmas | Day Fifteen

As well as following my favourite bloggers throughout December, I also like to watch my favourite youtubers do blogmas. Forget TV, I'd rather cosy up in bed and find out what my favourite youtubers are up to and also wish that I'd have the courage to start up a youtube channel myself.. maybe one day!

Down below I've listed who I religiously follow throughout December, some you will definitely of heard of, but others it might be someone new for you to follow! Here's my favourites!

Zoe Sugg | More Zoella & Alfie Deyes | PointlessBlogVlogs

Zoe and Alfie are a couple and are doing separate daily vlogs over Christmas. They both appear in each others vlogs with their gorgeous pug, Nala! There's a lot of laughs and you really get a good insight of what they get up to, they really don't miss much out which I love! I really loved the one were Zoe's brother Joe (ThatcherJoe on Youtube) was drunk, had me in fits of giggles! 

Gabriella Lindley | PlanetGabb

I love Gabby! Her vlogs are so chatty and it honestly feels like I'm sitting down at night to find out what my friend has done through December! She spends most of the time in her home but I love vlogs where you can just sit and get to know someone by watching them potter about their apartment and really gives a look into what their lives are really like! She also has a gorgeous cat, Nellie to!

The Michalaks | The Michalaks

The Michalaks are a family of three, Hannah, Stef & Grayson. Their vlogs I feel are like a work of art! They are so well documented and you really do see their ups and downs! 

I'm loving Louise's vlogs at the moment! They feature her gorgeous daughter, Darcy and they really are such a great team together! I don't think I stop smiling whilst I watch their vlogs! 

Tanya Burr | Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman | EveryDayJim

Tanya and Jim are married and complete couple goals! They have a miniature dachshund, Martha and I'm just in love with her! 

Fleur De Force | FleurDeVlog

Fleur features her husband, Mike and her 3 gorgeous dogs! You'll honestly laugh out loud at her 3rd vlogmas when they do a Dog Lookbook! It had me in complete stitches and I really have the urge to dress my dog up now, sorry Spencer!

These are the people that really inspire me, and inspired me to start my blog all those years ago! There are a lot more of my favourite youtubers that unfortunately aren't taking part in vlogmas this year! Who are your favourite vloggers or even bloggers to follow? Let me know! 

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