Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Best of 2015!

Where has this year gone? like seriously!? This has been the quickest year of my life so far, it really feels like I've blinked and it's the new year! 

This year has had many ups and downs, as does every year really. But I'm not getting into the life lessons and bad things as I've actually wrote a blog on that down below! So go check that out! 

I have had a pretty fantastic year, starting off in January seeing one of my favourite bands, Slipknot, to then meeting McBusted and having Tom Fletcher (from McFly) recognise you as you walk straight into the room, now that doesn't happen very often does it? I got to experience going to one of my boyfriends favourite bands, Papa Roach for the first time and it was crazy! Followed by my 21st Birthday which was a night I'll never forget (well the photos looked great, aha). My 21st truly showed me who is there for me and that I have one crazy bunch of people I call friends! Then, from friends having babies, going to see R5, Skerryvore Decade and 5SOS with old friends and A LOT of nights out too which if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have grown closer to people, who at the start of the year it would just be a quick 'hi' in the street! 

Every single person who made my 2015 a good one, thank you! I've had a fantastic time and I cannot wait to spend 2016 with you all! 


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

New Year Resolutions | Blogmas | Day Twenty-Two

It's time to start thinking of things I would love to achieve and do in 2016! I still can't believe i'm writing about 2016 when it feels like only last month it was January! I have a bucket list of what I want to do and where do go and also what I'd love to achieve on my blog. So here goes! 

1. Go on my first holiday with my boyfriend. We always talk about going away but never actually do it, so i'm hoping 2016 is the year to go away somewhere nice and relax.

2. Find a perfect place with my boyfriend. We are moving away next year and i'm really hoping we find a lovely first home together. It's a really exciting time planning and talking about it and we've already bought bits and bobs. 

3. Have 1000 followers on my blog, through google+ or bloglovin'. Now to some that might not seem a lot but I don't have a lot of followers so I'd love to get my blog heard and meet some amazing people through that.

4. Go to Harry Potter World. Now when my boyfriend, Colin reads this he will be so chuffed with himself. Only a few weeks ago I watched all of the Harry Potter movies for the first time, saying I would NEVER watch them as I wasn't too fussed on it, but they really surprised me and now i'm kind of obsessed! 

5. Start a Youtube channel. I hate the way I sound and don't have a lot of confidence but I need to pluck up the courage and finally go for it! 

6.  Go to college and do a beauty course. I love all things beauty related and I want to have a career that I love, not one that I'd do but not be happy doing! 

7. See Demi Lovato live, and hopefully meet her! I've dreamed about seeing Demi for a long time now and I'd do anything to see her! I really hope 2016 is the year!

8. Be happy. It's a simple thing but I want a happy year without anyone getting in the way of that. It's been a tough year but 2016 is a new year and I really hope it's a good one! 

What are your New Year Resolutions? Let me know in the comments below! 


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Chatty Sunday | Blogmas | Day Twenty

5 days before Christmas. Where has the time gone!? As soon as it hits the final 5 days before, I get right into the Christmas mood! So here's what I've achieved and still to look forward to before this year is over!

1. Our Christmas decorations are up. Only one thing that we can't do this year is put presents underneath our tree, why? because my dog Spencer now thinks it's okay to open people's presents as they think their his.. what a wee minx! 

2. My Christmas hours at work have started! *Cries* Thinking 6 am starts are bad? Try 4 am! Setting an alarm for 3 in the morning breaks my heart, whilst everyone is cosy in bed, or coming home from nights out I'm starting my day at work, only good thing is the early finish! Thank goodness!

3. Family time! I've had a lot of family time over the festive period. I've had lovely days in with my parents, chilling and watching Christmas movies, but also having family meals with my boyfriend and his family. It's great to go out with someone with a big family as for me it's just the 3 of us, but my boyfriend has 6 of them around a table which is a lot different to me! It brings us closer together and it's makes me very happy to be apart of his family! 

4. Nights out! I love this time of year as it's the time I can put on my fancy dresses, have a bottle of champagne with the girls and dance the night away! My work Christmas night out is the 23rd so i'm really looking forward to letting my hair down after the busy few weeks we've had! 

5. My friends who live away are home! Some of my best friends live away due to Uni, and I miss them a lot when they are away! We may not get to talk as much as I'd like, so I'm excited to have them back and have a catch up! 

There's not long left of this year but I have a lot to look forward to! I can't wait to have a lovely Christmas with my friends and family! What are you looking forward to?


Saturday, 19 December 2015

Purple Smokey Eye | Blogmas | Day Eighteen & Nineteen.

First off, I've been bad and missed a blogmas, but i've been super busy and completely forgot to publish it! Rather annoyed! So, here is a purple smokey eye look I absolutely love and it's such a statement look, it's definitely a look I'm going to be doing more often!

Step 1. After I apply my foundation, bronzer, blush and pencil in my eyebrows I start off by applying my Urban Decay primer potion followed by using make up geek's Blacklight for the base eyeshadow.

Step 2. I then add Deep Purple from my Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made palette in the crease of my eye and blend until happy.

Step 3. Lastly I apply Metallic Plum also from the Self-Made palette, and apply that to the corners of my eyes blending in towards the middle of the lid to give it a smokey effect.

Step 4. Now for the bit I find tricky, fake eyelashes. They look so pretty but I find them difficult to stay on! But, I love these lengthening eyelashes from eylure they are very light and fluttery and don't look too noticeable so really complimented this look well.

Step 5. Mascara and eyeliner. I used Benefit They're Real Mascara on my top and bottom lashes, then Maybelline Matte Liquid Eyeliner to give my eyes a dramatic look and my Avon eye pencil on my water line to finish of the whole look.

Step 6. Finally, lipstick. I used Mac's Please Me, it's such a gorgeous subtle matte pink, all the attention is on my eyes and I don't want to be over dramatic with my lipstick as my eyes are the main attraction in this look.

And voila! My finished look! This is so easy to do, any purple shades would work great for this look. What other looks do you like? Who inspires you?

Thursday, 17 December 2015

What I've Learnt About Myself This Year | Blogmas | Day Seventeen

I've been sitting on this idea for a while now, wondering if I should post this. I wasn't going to, but, I class my blog as my diary and a good way to look back on how far I've come!

This year in particular I've learnt an awful lot about myself, and well, life! Life can be difficult sometimes can't it? I'm now 21 and when I thought my teenage years would be the hardest, boy was I wrong! This is the time in your life you find out who your real friends are, who to trust and not to trust and to, well, start growing up! And I've done a lot of that this year! So, here's what I've learnt! 

Friends. I love my friends, a lot, but I started off the year with a lot more than I have now. This time last year I had a great group of friends, there was a good lot of us and I went from having a group who were inseparable , to about 3. That sucked. BIG time! Things changed, it was a simple as that. You grow older and realise who to trust and who not to, I must now only have about 4 good friends who I can trust with my life. These guys below mean the world to me, from my school friends to the friends I've became closer to this year. Thank you, you guys rock! (Not all my close friends are in these below as don't have up to date photos, but you guys mean just as much, you know who you are).

Not caring what people think of me. I used to care, a lot! I used to get upset and dwell on it for hours or even days, which thinking back was so stupid of me! The person that really changed my way of thinking, and not caring anymore, was my boyfriend. We have been through a lot together and noticing that he didn't care what others thought really pushed me to not care and do things that made me happy. I used to put others happiness before mine, but for once putting mine first really changed me and made me a better person. I'm a lot more open with someone if I have a problem and if someone doesn't like me because they heard something I done, I don't care. I ignore it or that person and move on. Life is way to short.  

Saving. I've learnt to finally save money and not spend it on makeup or clothes. Next year is a complete fresh start for my boyfriend and I. We are moving away and talking about the future really gets me excited! It's definitely what we need, and being able to see the money we've saved on our own place will really show me that saving has finally payed off! 

I've a had a lot of great times this year, but this one especially has been a learning curve for me! What have you learn about yourself this year? Let me know! 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Secret Santa Gifts For Under £5 | Blogmas | Day Sixteen

I've only ever done secret santa once, but I love the idea of it! My boyfriend inspired me to do this blog as he is actually doing a £5 secret santa at work, which when he told me my first response was 'but it's only a fiver, is that not difficult?' So, i've been searching high and low for £5 gifts and here's what i've found.

James & Friends Medium Pencil Case | £5.50 | So this is 50p over but I honest couldn't resist this! I need this! Look how cute it is, and definitely a good pencil case for any of your friends/family who are bloggers! This is from part of the stationary range by Jim Chapman (youtube).

Sass & Belle Robin Jewellery Box | £5.00 | This is a delicate gift which would look pretty sitting on a dresser or bedside table. If I had to buy anything for a woman I'd definitely purchase this little treasure! 

Set of 3 Cookie Cutters | £4.50 | If you have someone who loves to bake during Christmas these cookie cutters are right in the budget! In this set of 3 you get a stocking, angel and gingerbread man! 

Star Wars Stickers | £3.50 | The new Star Wars movie is out tomorrow, so I thought I'd add this in. If you have a Star Wars lover, why not buy these stickers that you can put on your laptop, phone etc. 

Ted Baker Mini Golden Treasure | £4.00 | This is a miniature shimmer body butter, and if you know anyone who likes Ted Baker or just likes to feel gorgeous, then this is the perfect gift.

Ted Baker Mens Mini Stocking Filler | £5.00 | In this set there's a body spray and a hair & body wash.  You can't really go wrong with gift sets, so I think this is perfect! 

Pug In A Mug Tea Infuser | £5.00 | For the tea and pug lovers! A simple gift which in fact can be very useful!

Sudoku On A Puzzle Cube | £5.00 | If you get someone who loves games or Sudoku this is a puzzle I've never actually seen before! It's quite like a Rubiks Cube but instead of colours you have to get 1-9 on each side of the Cube.

Beanstalk Seeds | £5.00 | If you have someone who loves gardening, then this can be a very special gift for them! You can put a message or sketch onto a beanstalk, plant the seeds and then watch the message grow! 


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Vlogmas Favourites | Blogmas | Day Fifteen

As well as following my favourite bloggers throughout December, I also like to watch my favourite youtubers do blogmas. Forget TV, I'd rather cosy up in bed and find out what my favourite youtubers are up to and also wish that I'd have the courage to start up a youtube channel myself.. maybe one day!

Down below I've listed who I religiously follow throughout December, some you will definitely of heard of, but others it might be someone new for you to follow! Here's my favourites!

Zoe Sugg | More Zoella & Alfie Deyes | PointlessBlogVlogs

Zoe and Alfie are a couple and are doing separate daily vlogs over Christmas. They both appear in each others vlogs with their gorgeous pug, Nala! There's a lot of laughs and you really get a good insight of what they get up to, they really don't miss much out which I love! I really loved the one were Zoe's brother Joe (ThatcherJoe on Youtube) was drunk, had me in fits of giggles! 

Gabriella Lindley | PlanetGabb

I love Gabby! Her vlogs are so chatty and it honestly feels like I'm sitting down at night to find out what my friend has done through December! She spends most of the time in her home but I love vlogs where you can just sit and get to know someone by watching them potter about their apartment and really gives a look into what their lives are really like! She also has a gorgeous cat, Nellie to!

The Michalaks | The Michalaks

The Michalaks are a family of three, Hannah, Stef & Grayson. Their vlogs I feel are like a work of art! They are so well documented and you really do see their ups and downs! 

I'm loving Louise's vlogs at the moment! They feature her gorgeous daughter, Darcy and they really are such a great team together! I don't think I stop smiling whilst I watch their vlogs! 

Tanya Burr | Tanya Burr & Jim Chapman | EveryDayJim

Tanya and Jim are married and complete couple goals! They have a miniature dachshund, Martha and I'm just in love with her! 

Fleur De Force | FleurDeVlog

Fleur features her husband, Mike and her 3 gorgeous dogs! You'll honestly laugh out loud at her 3rd vlogmas when they do a Dog Lookbook! It had me in complete stitches and I really have the urge to dress my dog up now, sorry Spencer!

These are the people that really inspire me, and inspired me to start my blog all those years ago! There are a lot more of my favourite youtubers that unfortunately aren't taking part in vlogmas this year! Who are your favourite vloggers or even bloggers to follow? Let me know! 


Monday, 14 December 2015

The Christmas Tag | Blogmas | Day Fourteen

I'm starting getting back into my blog by doing blogmas! Today's blog is a little boring and about my Christmas traditions and well, a little bit about me, sorry guys! This is a little laid back today and that's just because on the week before Christmas my life can be hectic with work! Hope you enjoy!

What's your favourite Christmas Movie?

It's such a hard decision between Elf and The Holiday! Even though Elf is hilarious I'd definitely choose The Holiday! It's a movie full of emotions and laughter and one minute I feel like i'm tearing up and the next I'm laughing out loud! Id definitely give this a watch if you haven't watched this! 

Do you open presents on Christmas morning or Christmas evening?

I get straight into opening presents as soon as I wake up, there's no stopping me! It's only myself and my parents so the three of us sit on the couch opening presents, with Christmas music on, munching chocolate and passing our presents around, getting excited at each others reactions! It's a really special time for me, I really love family time! 

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Every Christmas is very special to me, but I'd have to say when i was about 6/7 my Uncle from Canada surprised me on Christmas morning! I don't get to see him a lot so that really meant a lot to me, even as a child! Family is so important to me, and I love when we all get together!

What's your favourite festive food?

Pigs in blankets are my absolute favourite! When they arrive in supermarkets at the end of November I honestly can't contain my excitement! I really need to stock up as it's on 11 days until Christmas! How crazy!

What's been your favourite Christmas gift?

I don't think I can pick one, as each gift I receive I really do appreciate and love! My parents are always so generous, and I can't thank them enough for making every Christmas special for me! 

What's your favourite Christmas scent?

I love a good spicey candle, but it has to be Sparkling Cinnamon by Yankee Candle. I LOVE cinnamon and I feel Christmas is the only time I can light cinnamon candles without being moaned at because it's too strong!

Do you have a Christmas Eve Tradition?

Ever since I was a little girl on Christmas Eve my parents give me pjs so I can have a new set to wear for Christmas morning, it's a little thing that's became a tradition to me, and I want to do that when I eventually start a family! I also snuggle up in bed watching a Christmas movie with a lot of junk food, as it's Christmas after all! 

What tops your tree?

A blue and silver sparkly bird, not too sure what type though! Sorry guys! 

As a child, what was the one (crazy, extravagant) gift you wanted but never got?

I remember I wanted an electric car as one of the boys who live from me had one, and we used to cruise around my street in it! Apparently it was a hilarious sight to see! But, I harped on about an electric car for a while!  

What do you think is the best part of Christmas?

Spending time with family and friends! I love this time of year! Work seems a much happier enviroment to work in as everyones in a fantastic mood, I get to see extended family who I don't get to see much of during the year, spend time with my boyfriends family which is always a good laugh and get very drunk with my best friends! Perfect! 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

What's In My Bag | Winter Edition | Blogmas | Day Thirteen

My bag is from Ted Baker and I received this from my very generous boyfriend for my 21st birthday back in July. It's absolutely gorgeous and the colour is just to die for!

My make up bag is also from Ted Baker, I may just be a little obsessed with how gorgeous their products are! Even though this looks quite small, it fits all my make up products I use for the day! This was around £21 which I think is an alright price for a make up bag! 

I saved up some for some time for this and so glad I did. Also from Ted Baker this cost me £70 which it took me A LONG time to pluck up the courage and buy! I love the pale pink and inside is rose gold which if you show me anything rose gold I fall in love with it instantly! 

My car keys, I couldn't go very far without these! I bought this plum pom pom from New Look for about £6 as it matches the colour of my bag, and also it's big enough so I don't lose my keys! 

I never leave the house without these in my bag! I live next to the sea so my hair can go pretty wild quickly from the wind and rain! If you have never owned a tangle teaser I'd seriously invest in one! It's the best thing i've ever purchased and I couldn't live without it! 

Lastly, I carry around these! 

Zoella hand cream |  My  hands get very dry in the winter months and this is the best hand cream I've ever used! 

Impulse and Gold Magic perfume by Little Mix |  I always carry about body spray and perfume as it's  handy to have and someone always asks me if I have any nice smelling products at some point through the day to borrow.

My inhaler |  If  you have asthma you'll understand winter can suck for us! So if I don't carry it around I really start to suffer in the cold! 

Ear Phones | Something I always carry around me, I always need them at some point and it's always the way, when I forget them, I need them! Typical!

Tissues | Am I the only one that feels like my nose never stops running throughout November and December? I love Winter but I hate having a tissue constantly attached to my hand! So these are something I always carry with me!

What do you have in your bag throughout Winter? Let me know below! 


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Top 5 Festive Nail Polish | Blogmas | Day Twelve

I can't go without wearing nail polish, if I do then it's a bad day! I recently purchased some festive nail polish which i've absolutely fallen in love with! Here are my top 5!

Barry M Aquarium | Arabian 5

Barry M Gelly | Coconut

Barry M Gelly | Sparkling Amethyst

Lottie London | Voltage

Avon | Blue Steel


Friday, 11 December 2015

My Favourite Christmas Movies | Blogmas | Day Eleven

I work right up until the 23rd of December and even though work go all out with Christmas I never seem to feel in that Christmas mood, as all I have on my mind is work! So what I usually like to do during the week or so before Christmas is to watch my favourite Christmas movies! I throw on my onesie, grab a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream, and grab a good old fashion Christmas movie to get me into the spirit! 

So, here are my top 5 Christmas movies I can't not watch throughout December!

The Holiday | This might have to be my favourite movie of all time, and no that's not because Jude Law is in it.. well, maybe! But aside from that, it's such a winter warmer, filled with laughs and all the emotions on the run up to Christmas! It brings people together in all sorts of ways and is just such a feel good film! 

Elf | Without a doubt one of the funniest films I've watched! It's about Buddy the elf having to adjust to life outside the North Pole, and the hilarity along the way! Really is a feel good, family film! 

Love Actually | With such a fantastic cast I knew this film would be a popular Christmas movie! This is a film with a lot of different stories, but each story has a link to one another. I love films that bring people together and this is definitely one of them. 

Home Alone | This really doesn't need a introduction as this is without a doubt played every year at Christmas time on TV. It's about a little boy who's left home alone and he gets up to mischief. I don't want to write too much as if you've not watched it, I'd definitely give it a watch. 

Matchmaker Santa | This was a film I came across one day while I was watching TV with my Mum. She always finds the cheesy Christmas films which is about love and finding mr right and this is one of these films. You always need to watch one cheesy film at Christmas and I'd definitely recommend this. 


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Everyday Festive Make Up Tutorial | Blogmas | Day Ten

Festive season is here, and I love to add a little glitter to my make up to get right into that Christmas spirit! To me this look is subtle, but some of you may want to use this as a going out make up look instead! This is definitely a look I go straight to at the moment, so down below I've listed all the products I've used and gave a small step by step guide on how to achieve this look! (Pictures down below)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation | Vanilla 52
Hoola Bronzer  | Benefit
Rockateur  Blush | Benefit
High Beam Highlight | Benefit
Arch De Triumph Eyebrow Shaper & Highlight | Soap & Glory

Primer Potion | Urban Decay
Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette | Pink Champagne 
Make Up Geek Eyeshadow | Mercury
Push-Up Eyeliner | Benefit
They're Real Mascara | Benefit
Black Super Shock Eyeliner | Avon

Rimmer Lip Liner | Eastend Snob 063
Mac Matte Lipstick | Please Me 

Step 1.

After I applied my foundation, bronzer and blush etc. I started off with applying my Urban Decay primer potion as a base on my eyes, followed by the shade Pink Champagne from my Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. I made sure this was even all over before I added the shade Mercury in the crease of my eyes! Make sure to blend these well, as seeing a line were the eyeshadows are both applied sometimes ain't pretty! 

Step 2. 

I then grabbed my Push-Up Eyeliner which I absolutely love at the moment! It glides on so smoothly and I definitely recommend this for all the gel/liquid eyeliner lovers out there! I followed that by applying mascara on the top and bottom lashes and also using my eye pencil by Avon, also on my top and bottom waterline for a full look since I wasn't using fake eyelashes! 

Step 3.
Any shade of lipstick would suite this look but I've chosen a nude shade to complete this! I applied my lip liner first, followed by Please Me to get a neat guide and make my lips look a lot more fuller! Lip Liner honestly makes a huge difference and I'd recommend buying some to try if you don't already use it!

Step 4. 
GLITTER. And lots of it! I used a pink shade from Ted Baker to apply in the inner corners of my eyes but you can use any to achieve this look! I also recommend Barry M's Dazzle Dust and this works just as well, if not better! 

What's your go to festive look? Let me know in the comments below!  


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Winter Clothes Wishlist | Blogmas | Day Nine

As Winter is here it's time to put my Summer clothes away and bring out my scarfs, wooly jumpers and fluffy coats! So, I started looking about on the internet and in shops for the perfect Winter warmers. I'm loving the dark reds and greys this year, it's definitely those colours I've been reaching out for whenever I get ready!  Here is what I've found and fallen in love with! 

What are your staple Winter pieces? Let me know in the comments below! 


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Winter Lipsticks | Blogmas | Day Eight

Winter is my favourite time of month, purely because I can rock the red and purple lipsticks during the day and not just for nights out! Here are my winter shades that I can't live without! Link on where to buy them are down below!

* My Ted Baker lipstick came as part of a set. I've left a link to the Ted Baker beauty range.

I'd love to know in the comments below what your winter lipsticks recommendations are, so I can hopefully try out new brands and shades! 

Here I'm wearing Kate Moss in the shade 107. Definitely my favourite red lipstick I own. 


Monday, 7 December 2015

My Christmas Playlist | Blogmas | Day 7

This is my favourite time of year, Christmas trees are up, Christmas movies become part of your night time routine and you get excited when your favourite Christmas advert comes on. It's acceptable to dress down at work and wear whatever hilarious or cute Christmas jumpers you want and everyone seems to be in such a happier mood. It's the end of the year and it's starting to get into party season! So other than all of those listed from above I've mentioned, I also love to listen to my Christmas playlist! So I got straight onto Spotify to share with you guys what songs get me into the Christmas spirit! Enjoy!


Sunday, 6 December 2015

My Favourite Christmas Jumpers I've Seen Online | Blogmas | Day 6

The past few weeks I've been searching high and low for the perfect Christmas jumpers for work. I love wearing Christmas jumpers, and it gets me right into the Christmas spirit! So, here are my top 6 Christmas jumpers I've found online. 

Gingerbread Christmas Sweater | Next | £22 - £26 | I actually received this jumper earlier on this week and I absolutely love it! I love the sequins on their Christmas hats, as it gives it that little bit of sparkle. 

Penguin Christmas Jumper | Next | £20 | This is a jumper I've ordered and excited to receive! I love penguins, so this jumper was a must have for me! It's also one of the cheapest Christmas jumpers I've found too. 

Paperchase Make Your Own Christmas Jumper | Asos | £15 | I must admit I got a little excited when I found this as I've never seen anything like it before! In this pack you get, a red jumper, baubles, bells, cotton wool, pipe cleaners, bows and some snowflake sequins! You could definitely add on more though! This would be a great gift too.

Reindeer Christmas Jumper | Boohoo | £15 | This is quite a simple Christmas jumper but I really like it. You can get this jumper in red or black, but I'd definitely choose the red option. 

Reindeer Flashing Lights Jumper | Tesco | £20 | I've searched everywhere for a light up Christmas jumper and I've finally found one! This is such a cute jumper and I really hope they have some left so I can purchase one! 

Fur Jumper | Lipsy | £38 | A little on the expensive side, but how cosy does this look!? I don't think I'd ever take this off if I had it! I mean, look at that hood!


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Stocking Filler Guide | Blogmas | Day 5

Searching through my stocking on Christmas morning is one of the first things I do! I love all the small but thoughtful gifts I receive, especially the funny ones! So here are my top 9 stocking fillers! 

Monks Christmas Pug Socks | Asos | £5.00 | I love these, and I LOVE pugs! These socks are just so adorable, and you can't really go wrong with receiving socks at Christmas time.

Glastonberry Lipstick | Charlotte Tilbury | £23 | A little bit on the expensive side for a lipstick but you really can't go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury's range! I love this purple shade, especially for winter! 

Cracker Gift Set | Yankee Candle | £5.59 | You get 3 small candles inside this cracker, Sparkling Cinnamon, Sparkling Snow and Snowflake Cookie. This is a great gift for anyone who loves candles! 

Selfy Stick | John Lewis | £14.99 | Selfy Sticks have been very in this year, so why not add this into someones stocking this year! You'll be surprised at how handy they actually are! 

Pickmaster Plectrum Punch | | £16.99 | For the musicians in your life, this is a quirky gift for them! You can make a plectrum out of any plastic you have! 

Fetch My Keys - Key Finder | | £6.99 | This is something I definitely need to add to my list! I am so bad for losing my car keys, and if you know anyone who's the same then this is a great stocking filler for them! All you do is whistle for your keys and an alarm goes off! How clever is that!?

Zoella Bath Fizzers | Superdrug | £9.00 | The packaging on this product is gorgeous! I love the jar with pink bow and the rose gold wrapping around the bath fizzers! If I had a bath in my home I'd definitely be purchasing these! 

One Line a Day : Five Year Memory Book | Urban Outfitters | £11.99 | I love this idea of writing a few lines a day on each date for five years! You can go back and see what you done this time last year, it's such a simple but fantastic gift.

Chocolate Coins | Lakeland | £1.98 | I never go a year without having some sort of sweets or chocolate in my stocking! It's one of the only times of year that you can stuff your face with all the Christmas chocolate at silly times in the morning! 


Friday, 4 December 2015

How I Decorate My Bedroom At Christmas Time | Blogmas | Day 4

Christmas is my favourite time of year, and as well as decorating our living room, I also love to decorate my bedroom! So here is how I've decorated my bedroom! I Hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas!

As you can see I've not added tinsel to my tree, instead I added some silver and pink beads which i've never actually used for a tree before but I really like it! Also, there are pink and silver glittery baubles and even some love heart ones too, which I absolutely love!

As my tree is only 3ft tall, I feel like tinsel would drown it out so I've added some small rose gold type tinsel around my bed frame which i've wrapped around my fairy lights for a festive touch. 

Fairy lights. So. Many. Fairy Lights! I just love them! I used battery powered lights for around the top and bottom of my bed frame and also around my curtain pole! I've also added some around my  dresser for a cute touch, but unfortunately I haven't added a photo of that as I forgot to buy more batteries.. silly me!

All the products in these photos are from Homebase apart from my christmas tree which is from Tesco. This all cost around about £24 (excluding my fairy lights around my bed which I received as gifts ) which I think is a pretty great price for the amount of products I purchased!

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