Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Why I've Decided To Change And Keep Fit And Healthy | 2016

It's January, the month were everyone wants to get on the healthy eating and fitness wagon. Every January from around about the age of 18 I've been healthy for a few weeks then went back to the biscuit tin, and moped about for the remainder of the year wondering why I'm putting on weight and not toning up. Laziness, that's all it is!

So, this year I've decided to change lazy ways and get healthy! I'm not lazy in the sense of sitting watching tv every day, I have a job which I am constantly on my feet for and do around about 10,000 steps a day. It's when I get home after a 6 to 9 hour shift and just want to nap, lose my motivation and prefer to sit and cuddle my boyfriend whilst watching our next amazing season of a tv show we've came across!


Sunday, 10 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2015.

So I've had a few weeks off now and I'm back to start the New Year off with What I Got For Christmas! I am SO grateful every gift I received this year, so here is what I got.

I got these gorgeous gifts of my best friend, Louise! She's honestly put so much thought into these and knows me far too well! I use this notebook she bought me for my blog notes, and use these lip products on a daily basis! Lastly, she made me this K. How cute is that!? I can't wait to put this on my desk when I get my own place, it's absolutely perfect!

 My boyfriend, Colin bought me Little Mix perfume which is my favourite go to scent at the moment and everything Zoella! We were on a budget this year as we are moving away so I literally told him "everything Zoella" really not thinking that he would actually get me almost everything from her range! He really didn't disappoint and I'm absolutely loving the rose gold make up bag!

My best friend, Emily bought me the Animal Kingdom colouring in book by Millie Marotta. I was so excited when I received this as I've said for months I was going to buy one to relax me. I've not put this down since I've got this, and I can't wait to buy more!

My Aunties & Uncles bought me a great selection of random gifts this year! I didn't take photos of them all as I have used most of them and got some at my boyfriend's place too, but I got the Friends boxset, perfume, money, champagne, a Sprinkle of Glitter diary, baking book and some home gifts for when I move.

Lastly, I received very thoughtful gifts of my Parents. I did get amazing gifts of them this year which I'm so grateful for! Down below are the main presents which I am so in love with. The Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette in medium to tan is a palette I have wanted for so long and I can't believe they got this so right! Also I got two Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks in Fire Engine and Dragon Berry which I'll be doing make up looks with very soon! The mint cake mixer is for our new place and I can't wait to get using it and even do some baking blogs which will be interesting. Last but not least my camera! I've wanted a camera with a flip-up screen for a long time, especially one that is small enough for me to put in my handbag, who knows I might even do vlogs! These weren't all I received of them, I also got clothes, chocolates, Ted Baker make up, a hand painted cocktail glass and cute little stocking fillers.

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