Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Polly Vadasz | Sigg Designs.

'Do i have something in my teeth?'

I recently received a free mirror of this amazing designer Polly. She draws all her designs and has a gorgeous range of mirrors and also iphone/samsung phone cases. Prices ranging from £3 - £14.  I'm just jealous that i don't have one to fit my phone! 

She has her own website http://sighh.bigcartel.com/ and also posts giveaways and discount codes on her instagram page - http://instagram.com/pollyvdsz

Why not help her out and share her gorgeous designs on your blog. You can add her banner to your profile for more publicity to! I can't wait to see what amazing and creative designs she does next! 

Why not follow her blog? http://pollyvadasz.blogspot.co.uk/

Karina xoxo

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sleek | i Divine Palette.

This palette was shoved at the back of my make up collection as the colours were bright and frankly i didn't have the guts to go out with mad eyes each day of the week. But this year i decided for a change and thought i'd go all out to try new and wacky ways of doing my make up!

These are marked '1,2 and 3' because it's the order i applied them onto my eyes! 

1. light blue in the inner corners of my eyes
2. blue and pink blended together for the base of my eye
3. lastly, a splash of purple on the outer corner to make your eyes pop and stand out, especially if you have       blue/green eyes

I then done the same underneath my lash line for an added effect, added liner to my top lash line and applied my chanel mascara! I applied my eyeshadow and blended with real technique brushes.

 Here's the finishing look.

I am also right now in a competition over at http://next-route-style.blogspot.co.uk/

All you need to do is click right here and write my name in the comments below the post which is 'Karina Turnbull'. Thank you so much if you do so, and let me know to!

Karina xoxo

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