Monday, 7 April 2014

Lauren Conrad : Beauty Book Review.

Ever since i was young i've always been fascinated in make up. I used to steal my Mum's make up and then when i was about 12 i bought my first two make up products, eyeliner and black eye shadow. I remember feeling so grown up and looking like a goth! I didn't know how to put it on so i just shoved my finger in the eye shadow and smeared it all over my eyelids. I must of looked some picture. Over the years though i taught myself to do different techniques, learnt what contouring was and knew which make up looks suited me and which didn't.

Recently though i picked up Lauren Condrad's beauty book. If only this was out when i was younger i wouldn't of looked like such a clown! I've been into make up now for almost 9 years now and even then buying this book showed me techniques i'd never thought of doing before. 

It has everything from finding out your face would suit, healthy eating tips, fitness tips, hair tips and even how to pluck your eyebrows right. This book has it all and is great for learners and even more experienced.

This is a definite must buy if you are a beauty lover like myself. You can buy this anywhere from your local book store to online.

Karina xoxo 
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