Wednesday, 25 September 2013

August 2013 - Glossy box review

Here's my August Glossy Box review, finally up! Been very busy the past few weeks so expect loads of new blogs in the next week.

Jelly Pong Pong

This has been my favourite product for the last month. This is an eyeliner and shadow but so far i've only used it as a liner as that's what i use on a day to day basis. I'm never going back to another eye liner again! This stays on most the day for me and i only need to apply it twice throughout the day. This is a must have beauty product and i'd definitely try it out! It's £10.50 on there website.

Emite eyelash curlers

I never use eye lash curlers. It's something i have never got into so the past month i've tried my hardest to fit it into my daily make up routine. I had these really cheap pair from Tesco and i always used to think, 'oh, eye lash curlers are all the same'. I completely disagree now! These are amazing, and they should be at the price of £20! They do wonders to my eye lashes and i see such a difference now using these as well. Even if you don't buy these exact ones, just splash out a little and buy a good pair. They will last you ages and you will love your lashes!

TRESemme keratin smooth

Straight away i did notice a difference. Not a huge difference but a slightly. I'm going to go out and purchase more though and see if it will do wonders to my hair! It's cheap to buy at £1.49. I'll do a run up blog about this product in the next few months as i'm hoping this is the treatment my hair needs!

Oceane Make up Remover Stick.

Love the idea of this product and i have used it a lot so far for the bits of smudged make up under my eyes, but.. using a cotton bud and make up remover does the exact same job. It makes me sad as i had such high hopes about this product! I'd be lying if i said i loved it but i'm not going to lie to you guys as after all my beauty blog is all honesty!

Urban Veda Day Cream

I can't stop using this stuff. I'm actually starting to run out of it now so i might need to pop back online and purchase more! It just makes my skin feel AMAZING. My skin is pretty bad as well and i have noticed a remarkable difference and my skin feels so much healthier! It's 7.99 for a larger bottle. Definitely try it out on there website!

Much love. Karina xoxo

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