Sunday, 29 December 2013

Barry M | Limited Edition

I have a lot of Barry M nail polish. At least once a month i will go into my local boots or superdrug and spend a fortune on all things Barry. So when i wandered in a few weeks ago and clocked this gorgeous limited edition polish i had to buy it and try it out!

These photos don't do it justice, it's really hard to photograph such a pale pink glittery polish as it doesn't show up great. None the less, i wanted to show you and you can even try it out yourself as it's definitely not a let down! 

A light pink polish with multi-coloured glitter a perfect shade for a night out or just to go for that little bit extra at Christmas time. Two coats to add extra sparkle makes your nails stand out from the crowd! Do note though, it does get a little messy when applying.. glitter gets everywhere. If you are a little less clumsy than me though you might apply it just right with no mess at all! I got this for £3.99 which i thought was such a great buy!

Have you tried it out? Let me know down below in the comments.

Karina xoxo


Friday, 27 December 2013

Warby Parker | Winter Collection

Warby Parker recently contacted me and asked if i would blog about there Winter collection of glasses, i happily agreed and here are some of there amazing collection! Make sure to go onto there website and look, it's definitely not a let down and it's very affordable to!

Warby Parker recently teamed up with Leith Clark to put together 5 absolutely divine frames called Marva, Greta, Aurora, Wednesday, and Willow. Every pair of glasses sold, a pair go to someone in need. It's not just these glasses they sell, they sell a huge range of guys and women so i'd definitely go and check them out!

These gorgeous glasses are $150 ( £90.81) and are such a beautiful buy! I definitely would love a pair for my collection! My favourite pair are Aurora, vintage and just my type! What are yours!? Let me know! 

ALSO why not send someone you love a gift card for a late Christmas present or a birthday present! You can get gift cards from $50 to $150 and can buy from online or in store! With your gift card you also receive a 'Make a snowman kit' or if you don't live in a cold, snowy area a kit for your selected climate! How awesome is that? Check them out now, you are definitely missing out! 

Karina xoxo


Friday, 20 December 2013

December Glossy Box | Reveal and Review

This month's glossy box wasn't so impressive, well for myself anyway! But here's my reveal and review of this month's glossy box and the products which i love and dislike.

This product is from Beautiful Movement Cosmetics and the price of this small nude and compact lip gloss is £12. I do like this lip gloss actually, it is a little light for me though. I tend to blend it in with my dark lipsticks which i wear at night so it turns a little lighter and looks acceptable to wear in the day time. Over all, nice product but i don't think i will buy it once it runs out, i will stick to the lip glosses which i know will suit me! 6/10.

I was very excited about this product, yeah i know it is just a razor but i did need a new one which was a little more expensive and would help my skin as it's sensitive. This may look like an electric razor, but it's not, around the razor is a soap bar and a razor in the middle. You can buy the soap and razor pack in your high street stores. This is £6.49 which i think is great for this product! 10/10.

This is the only product i haven't tried out yet. The little card that comes with this glossy box says it gives a satin smooth finish. I will do a separate blog for this though in the next few days showing the results! This is £9.95 for a 14ml bottle.

This Lipsy 'Glam' perfume is absolutely gorgeous! For me personally it's a strong fruity smell, which i adore and couldn't stop spraying this when i first got it. Going to go out and buy the bottle as well! For people who don't like strong perfume's this might not be for you, but you could go into Lipsy and try it for yourself! This is £25 from Lipsy. 9/10.

I wanted to cry when i opened my Glossy Box and seen this lying there. I got this bought for me in September and i done a review of it HERE. This is my favourite eye shadow by far but i just wish i got another colour! It's fine having two though, but was a little disappointed with this, obviously not there fault though as they never knew i had it! 7/10.

Karina xoxo


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Winter Lipcare | My Must Have Essentials!

I don't know about you but at this time of year my lips get very chapped and dry which causes me to be in a lot of pain! If you're lucky enough to live somewhere hot you might not get this often but for us UK lot it is a daily hassle for us! 

My three lip essentials, Baby lips and Vaseline are cheap and simple but do my lips the world of good! 

Intense Care (yellow) and Hydrate (blue) are the two baby lips i tend to use as they are just more suited for winter and for damaged lips. My Vaseline was limited edition, it's pink bubbly and tastes a little bit like champagne which i am not complaining about! All Vaseline does do the same job so you can choose which ever one you like! They both sooth the lips and make them feel hydrated in no time! 

Baby lips cost me £2.99 and Vaseline costs me £3.49 as it was limited edition, but they usually cost £1.99 from all highstreet stores! 

Lastly, Blogmas didn't exactly work! I've been ill and i've been starting work at 4 and 6 in the morning and with being busy on top of that, it got too much! So going to stick to just my 3 days a week blog! Sorry about that!

Karina xoxo


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Boohoo Wishlist | Blogmas Day 6

Tartan Peplum Top £18 // Parka £55 // Cut Out Ankle Boot £35

I'm loving these items of clothing for the winter and party season. My bank card will be VERY empty once i buy some of these items. What is your favourite!?

Karina xoxo


Thursday, 5 December 2013

5 Christmas Jumper to Wear This Season | Blogsmas Day 5

This is the time to dig out Christmas jumpers or if not buy some. I have bought a lot lately for work and thought i'd share some lovely ones you could buy that i loved.

Gingerbread Man Jumper - Topshop £42
Red and White Reindeer Jumper - Asos  £30
Mint and White Jumper - New Look  £27.99

Black Light Up Reindeer Jumper - New Look £29.99
Black, Red and White Jumper - Urban Outfitters £50


The Men Gadget Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 4

One thing we all know is that guys LOVE there gadgets! It's the one thing we can rely on to buy them if we don't know what else to get them. Here are five quirky and cool gadgets for your partner, boyfriend, best friend or any other family member.

This is a great present for the men out there who love music. Unique with a bit of class this Jukebox Dock can be connected by bluetooth or you can put your ipod/ipad and other devices on the docking station attached. A truly wonderful present for this Christmas. 

For the men who love there tea and coffee this new technology called the 'ikettle' has been released to put the kettle on from the opposite room from your phone. Yep, you seen it right. Just click the simple 'on' button on your phone and it will boil the kettle for you, how easy is that!? 

This is for the men who love music. Anything plastic you can now turn into a plectrum using the plectrum punch. So no need to go out to the shops and grab new plectrums you can simply just make them at home without spending money! 

Know a cheeky chappy or a geek who loves spy gadgets? The Spy pen can video whatever you want without people knowing. Great speaker phone and amazing quality, every review is a thumbs up on this product! 

Iphone lovers, we all know iphone's don't have the best battery life and it's annoying when half way through the day when you need your phone the battery runs out. This gadget called ipower is a life saver! Charge it up and then take it on the go with you, so when your phone runs out you can plug it in and your good to go again! 


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

10 Gifts For Your Best Friend/Friend | For Her | Blogmas Day 3

These days i don't tend to buy presents for my best friend's as there are just so many of them, but if i did, i'd by something like these. Fun, girly and something a little different.

1.Gemstone Hip Flask - £15 : This gift is something a little cheeky and you could take this on a night out or festival and show off that bling. Can guarantee people will be asking and might even go out and buy it themselves.

2.Square Memo Board in Blue - £15 : Would be perfect if you are wanting to be a little more personal and add a few of your favourite photos and places you've been with your friend. This is by far one of the cutest memo boards i have seen, blue and floral for a typical girly girl.

3. Glow in The Dark Nail Polish Set - £8 : What girl doesn't like nail polish? Even better, it glows in the dark to! Perfect for nights out, parties or even day to day. The set comes in three colours, pink, yellow and blue. So mix and match and stand out from the crowd!

4. Nude by Rihanna Perfume - £39 : In the past Rihanna's fragrance has never failed to disappoint. So nude by Rihanna is another one of her wonderful creations! This set comes with body lotion, perfume and a pencil bottle, which is handier to just throw in your bag and go instead of carrying about the 100ml bottle in your bag and have the fear of smashing it.

5. Underwater Disco Lights - £7.99 : Forget Lush bath bombs this year, why not some underwater lights!? After a hectic Christmas day why not relax in a lovely bubble bath with these lights with candles and a good book? What else could you want!

6. Instagram Poster - £19.99 : A little more personal, why not pick your favourite instagram pictures and personalise them onto your very own poster for a friend. Laugh and cry at those silly photos and memories.

7. Personalised 'likes' Poster - £38 : Getting a personalised picture for a friend  is always something dead meaningful. I know someone who has one of these and i love it! All you put is the person's name you are sending the gift to then add 15 things they like! And walla! A lovely present for a friend!

8.  Freshwater Pearl Initial Bracelet - £25 : Can be personalised with one or two initials and a charm, this gift is small and dainty and you can also buy the matching earrings for £12 to! Bargain!

9.Lush Christmas Candy Box - £19.95 : I bought one of these for my best friend last year and i fell in love with it! It comes with a popcorn lip scrub, snow fairy shower gel and two bath bombs. Perfect way to relax in those winter nights!

10. Owl Vase - £12 : Vintage things are back in fashion so why not go the craze and buy this adorable vase and even add some of your friends favourite flowers for an extra effect.

Monday, 2 December 2013

6 Gifts For Pets | Blogmas Day 2

Pets are part of the family to, and i get very excited about buying my pup and cat presents. So here's a gift guide of what you could get for your pets. (I don't own any of these photos)

1. Festive Dog Jumper - £26 : If you have a smaller dog like myself, you will know smaller dogs need warmth in the winter months and need to wear jackets or jumpers. This is the cutest festive jumper ever and you can ask the seller to do the right measurements you require to which is a bonus! 

2. Personalised Dog Bed - £48 : This is a great idea for your cat or dog. Ask for the name of your pet and it gets engraved on the bed. Looks neat and your pets will be loving you if you bought them this present.

3. Puppy Hamper - £19.99 : This hamper saves all those trips to the pet shops and worrying about what to give your puppy as they are nightmare to buy for as they just chew everything! So this is a lovely starter kit.

4. Pet Bow Tie - £10 : I'm in love with this, so much so that i bought it for my pup! He is going to look so dapper on Christmas day.. and pretty hilarious! This is for cats and dogs.

5. Decoration Bird House - £17 : If you love making your garden look pretty, why not hang little bird houses from trees and fences? It's not just Christmas decorations but it can be for all year round to make those little birds in your garden a lot happier!

6. Cat Hamper - £19.99 : This is similar to the puppy hamper but obviously for cats. It has such amazing things in it for the price including a bowl, treats, toys and a collar.


5 grooming gifts | for him | blogmas day 1

(I wasn't well yesterday so the first was delayed but here it is now).  Me personally i find guys a NIGHTMARE to buy for. So if your partner or family member love grooming products here is a small guide for you to look at. Bare in mind, these are the products my partner and myself like.. i had to get male advice on this post! So some things you probably wont like.

1. Ted Baker, Gentleman Shaving Kit - £25 : This shaving gift set includes, shaving gel, face scrub, post shave balm, shave bowl and a shave brush. Perfect for those guys in your life who need a little grooming and a good facial scrub to make them feel that extra bit good about themselves.

2. Soap and Glory Gift Set - £20 - Soap and Glory are a huge hit with females so this year they started releasing gift sets for men! Hair and body wash, body spray and aftershave are in this small but stylish set. Soap and Glory hasn't let myself personally down yet, so i'm excited to buy this for a loved one this Christmas!

3. BaByliss Super Crew Cut - £44.99 : Finding a barber a little more expensive to go to? Why not grab this as a Christmas present. This is the home hair cutter which unique and easy to use. It can be cordless and comes with a comb, scissors, cleaning brush and much more. What a great value!

4. Nivea Men - £10 : In my family Nivea is a huge hit! It's affordable and is good for all skin types. Shower gel, Deodorant, Face Scrub, Moisturizer and Post Shave Balm are the five products you get in this gift set and you are saving money on buying the set rather than separate.

5.Champneys Sports Therapy Training Bag - £28 : This is such a good price for what you get in this set. You receive a navy and red bag, a folding water bottle, a red towel, face wash, hair and body wash and body spray. Perfect those men in your life who are always on the go.


Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ten beauty gift ideas for Christmas | for her.

I thought on the run up to Christmas i'd post about 4/5 blogs a week on gift ideas, homemade decorations and other Christmas ideas! At this time of year gorgeous beauty sets and other nik naks get released which are to die for,  so I've searched the internet looking at different beauty products which i love and also that perhaps your friends or family would love.

1. BaByliss Curl Secret Styler : This hair curler is very popular and most beauty youtubers and bloggers are raving about it! With three timer settings from loose waves to more defined curls this gives a gorgeous long lasting finish and is quick and easy to use! Price ranges from £100 to £120 from Boots, Tesco, Argos and other high street stores.

2. Clarins All About Eyes Collection : This is the perfect starter kit and price for a Christmas present. Usually Clarins can be quite expensive but at £21 this is an amazing product to snatch up! This includes, a Clarins make up bag, mascara, eye revive beauty flash and instant smooth perfection touch.

3. Dare | eye shadow palette : With matte and satin shadows this eight warm and vibrant palette is suitable for any skin tone, easy to blend and to show off those gorgeous eyes, for only $29, Sigma ship worldwide.

4.Smokey eye gift set : I never realized that Topshop done gift sets, so at £22 i was super excited when i found this. A bright pouch filled with dark and nude shades of eye shadow and a black mascara to make those eyes pop.

5. Crime of Passion, Eye, Lip & Cheek Palette : With a gorgeous pink lip gloss and 3 shimmering eye shadows from nude to darks on top you'd think this palette had it all, but you're wrong. Underneath holds a beautiful peach blush and a Laguna bronzer. All for £35.

6. Benefit | Primping with the stars : Want a flawless finish? This beauty box is the one for you. Filled with a mascara to primer this is the box your face will love. Be nice to your skin, treat yourself or a friend this Christmas for £26.50

7. Benefit | limited edition | How to look the best kit : Two concealers, foundation, brush, powder and primer. Want high coverage or know somebody who does? This is the ultimate gift for only £15.

8. MAC | Face Palette - Warm : Want to splash out for your loved one? Why not this winter warmer with 2 lipsticks, 3 eye shadows and a warm bronzer, they will look glowing this winter.

9. Real Technique Brushes : This has been the trend this year, and if you know somebody who doesn't follow it, why not buy them these!? With a foundation brush, buffing brush, contour brush, detailer brush and a case all for $18 you will see a difference when applying make up, they are just THAT good.

10. Nails Inc | Polish diary : Ohh la la! Who needs to write in a diary, when you can wear one!? Each month is a full size best seller nail polish which will make you feel all glammed up. Why not click and have a look, then you'll know what i mean!

Fashion Christmas ideas coming very soon.
Karina xoxo

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Liebster Award.

I couldn't believe it when i received a tweet saying i had been nominated for the 'Leibster award' which means sweetest, nicest and dearest and German is rewarded to blogs with just over 200 followers or less, to help them along in blogging and to spread the word. I read blogs daily, and put time and effort into my blog so to be nominated this was rewarding! I got nominated by the lovely Bella from Miss Bella Blogs , make sure to give a look and follow!

The Leibster Award means sweetest, nicest and dearest and German

Everybody can take part in this, and here is how:

The rules:

  • Post the award on your blog
  • Thank the blogger who presented you the award and link to there blog
  • Write 11 random facts
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
  • Answer 11 questions from the blogger who awarded you
  • Leave 11 questions for you nominee to answer

11 random facts about myself. 

1. I spent all my money on beauty products and gig tickets.
2. I met Johnny Depp about 4 years ago, he was lovely and got something signed to!
3. My favourite beauty brands are MAC and bareMinerals
4. My dog, Spencer is my world, very sad, i know but he makes me soo happy!
5. My dream job would to be a make up artist for the famous.
6. I hate my own voice, so haven't plucked up the courage yet to start a youtube account.
7. My favourite youtubers are, Zoella, Sprinkleofglitter, Pointlessblog and Dollybowbow.
8. I am obsessed with McFly, it will be my 14th time seeing them live, and met them twice!
9. In love with How i met your mother and Neil Patrick Harris.. yum.
10. I'm an only child.

The 11 facts i was given to answer:

1. What are my favourite accessories? Rings and bracelets. I don't think i have ever gone a day without wearing my pandora rings and i wear my festival and Mcfly wristbands every day also.

2. What is your favourite time of year? Christmas. Easy as that. Everyone is jolly and all the fairy lights make everything look prettier.

3. What is your favourite animal? Penguins, they are so beautiful and if i could own one i would!

4. What is your favourite quote? "The secret to a long-term relationship is perseverance. It's so easy to want to give up when things are rough, you have to remember it's just temporary - the good stuff is around the corner" - Tom Fletcher

5. What is your favourite flower? Pink roses

6. What is your favourite nail varnish? I don't have a specific favourite, but i'm loving Essie.

7. What is your favourite beauty brand, high end and high street? High end: MAC. High Street: Maybelline.

8. What would you like to do that you can't do at the moment? Learn my ukulele, i have a pink one, but got no time to learn it at the moment.

9. Pastel or Neon? Pastel.

10. What is your favourite TV show? How i met your mother or Big bang theory.

11. What is your favourite blog to read? Zoella.

The 11 random facts for my nominees.

1. Favourite Beauty blogger?
2. Favourite Fashion blogger?
3. Youtube or Blogger?
4. Favourite musician?
5. Heels or flat?
6. Lipstick or lipgloss
7. Favourite high end brand and why?
8. Favourite shop?
9. A product or piece of clothing you couldn't live without?
10. Your ideal job?
11. Why did you start blogging?

My nominees.

Most blogs have way over 200, so these are my top five. Enjoy girls!


Sunday, 17 November 2013

November Glossy Box Reveal.

(from left to right: Elegant touch for nails, Vichy serum, Emite eyeshadow, B Quick Nail Varnish and Yves hand cream).

Receiving a Glossy box is my favourite time of month, beauty products that i haven't heard of or interested to try out turning up at my door for only £10 a month! What else would a girl want!?

This is not a review, my review will be up in a few weeks once i have had enough time to try out these products and make my verdict on them!

Elegant touch rapid dry for nails: For people on the go and are in a rush this spray, added with vitamin E is supposed to dry your nails in 60 seconds! You can buy this product from high streets stores at the price of £3.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum: This product is supposed to help the transformation of skin quality and hide the effects of stress, pollution, smoke and an unhealthy diet. This product is interesting to me, i go through tons of facial products so this will be great to find out if it works or not. For a full size 30ml bottle it's £29.50 from here .

Emite Micronized Eyeshadow in 'Dams': Free from oil and perfume, this is supposed to be an easy apply beauty product and have an lasting result. £16.80 at Emite Make up online. *click here*

Quick one coat finish nail polish: Smooth long-lasting finish from just one application.. well i'll be the judge of that! £4.99 from Superdrug.

Yves Rocher France hand cream: Protects your hands from the temperature fall this winter, it's a nourishing treat! £1.95 at Yves Rocher.  IF YOU BUY YVES ROCHER RASPBERRY HOME FRAGRANCE AND RASPBERRY SPARKLING SHOWER GEL YOU RECEIVE FREE PERFUMED SHOWER GEL, LIP BALM AND HAND CREAM. ASK FOR CODE!

Do you get a Glossy Box? What do you think!?

Karina xoxo


Friday, 15 November 2013

Dealing with hair problems.

Ever since i can remember my skin has been very sensitive and I've gone through so many products growing up, from medicated to high street brands. However i had no problems with my hair until 2011, i went through that phase of dying my hair silly colours and in the space of 4 months i went from brown and red, to purple, back to red and then my hair was so damaged it had to be dyed brown and blonde for my hair to recover, luckily though i returned to my natural hair colour, phew! (photos below.. cringe)

red and brown hair.

dark purple.

It didn't take a few weeks though for my hair to go back to the way it was before, it took many hair appointments and a lot of money for it to get fixed! Every 5 weeks i went and got the dye cut out my hair and my lovely long hair i had before went disgustingly thin and had to get a shoulder length do, which i wasn't happy about, but then again i did do it to myself!

After all that, i thought i had got rid of the worst of my hair drama, but no, i was wrong! I started to get a itchy scalp at the front of my head under my fringe, i checked and i noticed clumps of dry skin forming but i done the sensible thing of not scratching it as i didn't want to lose more hair, so i went to Tesco and bought T Gel, a shampoo for dry skin and which doctors can also prescribe you. It was my last hope, and thankfully it did work after 2 weeks! It does come back but more in the colder months so i have a bottle in my drawer to hand in case it decides to creep back up on me!

If you are starting to lose strands of hair, don't panic! Ease of hot appliances like hair straighteners, hair dryers and curlers, use heat protection and don't wash your hair to much as it can also cause hair loss! If you have the same problem as i do, buy T Gel or if your concerned visit a doctor! Don't assume the worst, it can get fixed!

Karina xoxo


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Body Shop Favourites.

I love the body shop, and it's that time of year which i love, CHRISTMAS! I always get gift sets from there and i instantly use them as they all smell gorgeous! My favourite is the strawberry scent as you can guess it smells of the fruit! It's a gorgeous strong strawberry smell, so good that you want to eat it! 

I buy this A LOT. It's perfection in a bottle! The strawberry shower gel makes you smelling like strawberries for hours! I then add the body polish (which has strawberry seeds in it) and body butter after! They apply so easily and makes your skin soo smooth! I have sensitive skin and none of these irritate it! The body butter is fabulous after shaving your legs or just for making your skin that extra bit smoother. It's definitely worth buying it! There are other scents to, so knock yourself out and go on the body shop website, or click on the links below for the products i bought. 

Or get the gift set here

Karina xoxo


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Three Makeup Favourite's of the Month.

This month I have had three products which have stood out to me. I wanted to be a little more daring and make my dark winter wardrobe a little bit brighter and add that splash of colour by bright eye shadows. These three beauty products are Mac eyeshadow, Cranberry, Mac studio fix powder in NW15 and Sleek Palette, i Divine in Ultra Matte V1.

The Sleek palette is full of bright matte colours ranging from white to electric pink and yellow. These shadows give a great pigmentation, apply easy to the eyes and blend easy. Sleek palette's never fail and once you try them there's not going back! Also there products aren't tested on animals. You can but this exact palette by clicking here.

MAC, Cranberry is talked about so often in the blogging and youtubing world. For months I held off not buying it but temptation gave in and had to try the eye shadow that got talked about so much. Cranberry is a metallic purple it's all that really can describe it. It's blends so well and the pigmentation is incredible, as all MAC products are. It may be a little pricey but you can add this to your own MAC palette and create the palette of your dreams! Click here to pick up your favourite shadow now.

Many people may suffer from oily skin and can't go out and buy any foundation! You'll have to go through so many products and try to find one that wont make you break out and make your face look shiny! I had this problem and going through many many foundations I gave up hope of finding one that would finally stop making me break out. MAC studio fix caught my eye one day, a powder foundation that could solve so many peoples problems. Used this product for two months now and the results are amazing and is finally clearing up my skin. It may be £21.50 which can be pricey for most people but you might need to make that sacrifice for clearer skin. Click here to buy.

What are your winter essentials? 

Karina xoxo

Friday, 1 November 2013

NEW Barry M 'MATTE' Nail Polish

Barry M have recently revealed there new MATTE nail polishes. MATTE is the new trend for AW/13, the colours black, cream and berry also fall into the category. These are cheap and affordable and will make your nails look fantastic and give off that 'grunge' look which is oh so popular at the moment. 

The MATTE Barry M Polishes come in 5 different colours at the affordable price of £3.99 from Superdrug and Boots.

They come in the gorgeous colours, Crush (Shown above in photo), Mocha (brown), Vanilla (Nude), Caramel (light brown) and Espresso (black). Apply a base coat and then a second coat to give off the gorgeous finish as shown above! It's very easy to apply and they don't chip easily. Have fun with it, it gives off such a beautiful finish and the different texture compared to other nail polishes will get heads turning! 

Tell me what you think! What's your favourite colour?

Karina xoxo


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Miss Edward Scissor Hands Tutorial.

This is a very quick and easy guide on how to do a Edward Scissor Hands Halloween look. All you need are, a foundation paler than your skin tone, baby powder (talcum powder), two shades of brown eye shadow (one lighter than the other), a dark bronzer, black lipstick or a black eye shadow for your lips and white eye pencil. You can also get sculpting gel for your scars, or just use some glue. I haven't added this on as i couldn't find mine. For the full Edward look, get a black wig or even the Edward Scissor hand outfit from any Halloween costume website, or even easier,  Click Here for the costume. 

So first off i start with a lighter foundation that normal and apply that all over my face and neck, then follow it by added talcum powder to a face brush and dabbing all around your face until you are happy with the look. Your eyebrows have to be lighter as you will only be putting the eye shadow half across your eyebrows, I used a white eye pencil to lighten mine for a more fuller effect.

Then you get your light eye shadow to begin with. I used MUA's 'Undressed' Palette shades 3 and 8 for this look. First apply the shadow on your brow bone, eyebrows, inner corners and outer corners and a horizontal line under your eyes as you can see here. Leave your lids eye shadow free as they have to be white to add more of the ghost affect. Then get your darker shadow and fill in the parts of the look which need to be more defined, Inner Corners of eyes and start of eyebrows (not the whole way along). Then go back and put white eyeliner on your waterline, and also add some to your eye lids.

Then apply your black lipstick to the middle of your lips, leaving the corners lipstick free. Take your time as it can be tricky to get it just right, but practice makes perfect!

Then get your bronzer and apply it to your hairline, and cheeks (as you need to use this as more of a blusher for this look) but as your applying to your cheek take the line down to the end of your chin and stop. You can see in this photo what i mean if you are a little confused. I then went over all the bronzer with the lighter eye shadow to define it more. 

Finish off the look with scars (if you wish) and your Edward Scissor Hands costume, bought or homemade it doesn't matter as it will look fabulous. This is such a fun look for me and with the wig to finish it off, a lot of people didn't recognise me. 

Happy Halloween Everyone! 
Karina xoxo


Monday, 28 October 2013

3 for 2 superdrug make up haul.

So just recently I purchased these 3 as in superdrug at the moment there is 3 for 2 on ALL make up! So I jumped at the chance and for now just bought these 3 as I need them for my Halloween look (which i will be doing a tutorial on, so keep an eye out). I'm going as a more modern Miss Edward Scissor hands so need a lot of browns and black eye shadow's for the look and darker nails.

MUA 'Undressed' Eye shadow palette.

I have one of MUA's palettes already and loved it, so i decided to go out and buy another as they are brilliant for only £4! I bought this mainly for my Halloween look but i'll be using this for other every day make up looks to! I adore the colours as i'm loving the more neutral colours at the moment! 9/12 are shimmer eye shadows and the other 3 are more of a matte! I will be doing make up tutorials soon using this palette on this blog, so keep an eye out for that! But at Superdrug now.
Barry M, Berry Cosmo.

I noticed this was a new Barry M nail polish and had to buy it! It's a great colour for those autumn/winter days approaching. I also bought this as it would add a little colour, just a tad, to my Halloween costume, and also to my winter wardrobe. It's a very deep purple and look gorgeous on, that is just one coat i put on in the above photo! 

Barry M, Strawberry Milkshake.

I adore this! I've had heard a lot of good things about Barry M lip glosses so i thought i'd go and buy one, and one that i'd use a lot. I suit lighter lip gloss, so this was the one for me. Also, the name sounds super tasty! There isn't a photo with this, as the top one of it is pretty clear so you can see the shade of it. It's a very light pink and easy to apply. I'll be buying a lot more of these! Click here to buy.

Make up tutorials and fashion haul coming soon.

Karina xoxo


Thursday, 17 October 2013

bareMinerals review.

I've had these foundations in my makeup collection for about 2 years now! They were actually the first piece of expensive make up I ever owned! I have one old set and a new set, they are all the exact same colours so i'll concentrate on the new one as it's the most recent and also the bareMinerals primer! These are my new best friend as honestly, I forgot I had these! So I've been using these for the past 2 months now and my skin has completely cleared up and I just love how you can't tell that you have any foundation on! 

So to make it a tad easier I've listed them all above with the colours, and going to go into detail so you know what to expect if you do buy these! 

Primer: I use this a lot! I put it on most times before applying foundation so it will last longer throughout the day! I SWEAR by this stuff! You just need to add the smallest amount, rub evenly on your face and ta-daa you are all set! £21 at

Spf 20 Concealer: I use this to cover up my blemishes mostly, as it doesn't really work on my dark circles under my eyes as I have quite bad circles due to very early starts at work, so I have to use something more high coverage. This is the pot I use most of and sadly I'm running out, so definitely going to purchase more! £19 at

Original Mineral Veil: You add this beauty after you apply your mineral foundations. You may think it doesn't make any difference what so ever to add a powder over your foundation but it definitely does! It makes you less shiny, and it gives your face that gorgeous finish! This is £20 on

Fairly Light Foundation and Light Foundation: I bought fairly light and light foundation as I wasn't sure what colour I'd be! I'm very pale so didn't want to get just one and be orange so the safer option was to get both! I actually now mix these together as it is the perfect shade for my face! They are so high coverage and just a little drop on the lid (as seen above) covers your whole face! A definite must have product! £25 each at

Warmth all over face colour: You can use this as a blusher and bronzer it's that brilliant! I use it all over my face, just lightly, to add a healthy colour to my face so it feels like I have a gorgeous glow and looks like I've been on holiday for a good week! Amazing right!? £19 at

It's such a great investment and you definitely are missing out if you don't own these! You can buy them in kits on there website for £40-£50 with about 4-5 pots and 2-4 brushes so you are saving a lot of money! What do you think of bareMinerals?

Karina xoxo


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

October Glossy box reveal and review.

This post is going to be a reveal of the new Glossy Box for October and also i can review three out of the five items i received so I'm going to review three now and the other two in a later post as they are moisture's and can't review them after one use! This hasn't been one of my favourite Glossy Box's this month but i am excited to try new things i haven't heard of before, so there is always a plus to something you don't particularly like!


This was my favourite product out of the Glossy Box this month as I've been dying to try it since It's been released! This is Katy Perry's new fragrance 'Killer Queen'. Instead of trying to explain what the scent is to you, i can tell you what is in it, even better right!? Dark plum, wild berry, bergamot, red velvet flower, rainbow plumeria, natural jasmine sambac, cashmeran, natural patchouli heart and liquid praline are all in the well 'killer' (get it!?) scent! It cost's £29.50 for a 50ml bottle, and it's available everywhere now! 

I was so unsure of this product when i read what it was, and frankly I've never heard of a product like it before! This is a cheek and lip tint, daunting i know! The red blotch on my hand you can see is what it turns out like on skin! I was to scared to try it out on my hand let alone my face, so I don't think i will be trying out this product very often! If i feel daring one day then maybe but at the moment i think i might just stick to my blusher, bronzer and lipstick! You can buy this product for £5.50 at IF YOU WANT £5 OFF THE LITTLE-ANGELS-COLLECTION COMMENT BELOW AND I'LL GIVE YOU THE CODE.

I have heard great reviews about this product BUT my nails are long already and i just am one of those lucky ones who don't need to wear fake nails! The packaging is super creative though! I will be doing a giveaway soon when my blog followers pick up and this will be apart of it! You can buy these from boots at £7.99.

This is one of the product i received which i will be doing a review on! So stay peeled for that! But this is a Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum, which is supposed to soothe redness and hydrate skin! You can also seemingly mix it with liquid foundation to create a bb cream! But, I'll be the judge of that! You can buy a 50ml bottle for £22.50 from I HAVE A 15% CODE FOR PRODUCTS JUST COMMENT BELOW.

This is the final product in the Glossy Box reveal/review and this is the other product i can't review until later on this month! This is the Monu Illuminating primer and you can use this a primer before applying make up or just using it as a tinted moisturiser. This is £24.95 for a 50ml bottle and you can purchase this from I HAVE A 10% CODE, COMMENT BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE IT.

Karina xoxo

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