Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Men Gadget Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 4

One thing we all know is that guys LOVE there gadgets! It's the one thing we can rely on to buy them if we don't know what else to get them. Here are five quirky and cool gadgets for your partner, boyfriend, best friend or any other family member.

This is a great present for the men out there who love music. Unique with a bit of class this Jukebox Dock can be connected by bluetooth or you can put your ipod/ipad and other devices on the docking station attached. A truly wonderful present for this Christmas. 

For the men who love there tea and coffee this new technology called the 'ikettle' has been released to put the kettle on from the opposite room from your phone. Yep, you seen it right. Just click the simple 'on' button on your phone and it will boil the kettle for you, how easy is that!? 

This is for the men who love music. Anything plastic you can now turn into a plectrum using the plectrum punch. So no need to go out to the shops and grab new plectrums you can simply just make them at home without spending money! 

Know a cheeky chappy or a geek who loves spy gadgets? The Spy pen can video whatever you want without people knowing. Great speaker phone and amazing quality, every review is a thumbs up on this product! 

Iphone lovers, we all know iphone's don't have the best battery life and it's annoying when half way through the day when you need your phone the battery runs out. This gadget called ipower is a life saver! Charge it up and then take it on the go with you, so when your phone runs out you can plug it in and your good to go again! 

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