Monday, 2 December 2013

6 Gifts For Pets | Blogmas Day 2

Pets are part of the family to, and i get very excited about buying my pup and cat presents. So here's a gift guide of what you could get for your pets. (I don't own any of these photos)

1. Festive Dog Jumper - £26 : If you have a smaller dog like myself, you will know smaller dogs need warmth in the winter months and need to wear jackets or jumpers. This is the cutest festive jumper ever and you can ask the seller to do the right measurements you require to which is a bonus! 

2. Personalised Dog Bed - £48 : This is a great idea for your cat or dog. Ask for the name of your pet and it gets engraved on the bed. Looks neat and your pets will be loving you if you bought them this present.

3. Puppy Hamper - £19.99 : This hamper saves all those trips to the pet shops and worrying about what to give your puppy as they are nightmare to buy for as they just chew everything! So this is a lovely starter kit.

4. Pet Bow Tie - £10 : I'm in love with this, so much so that i bought it for my pup! He is going to look so dapper on Christmas day.. and pretty hilarious! This is for cats and dogs.

5. Decoration Bird House - £17 : If you love making your garden look pretty, why not hang little bird houses from trees and fences? It's not just Christmas decorations but it can be for all year round to make those little birds in your garden a lot happier!

6. Cat Hamper - £19.99 : This is similar to the puppy hamper but obviously for cats. It has such amazing things in it for the price including a bowl, treats, toys and a collar.

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