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McBusted | The Ultimate Super Group | Glasgow Gig Review.

McFly and Busted got together last year and announced they'd be joining forces as a super group. With a lot of mixed reviews from McFly fans, myself included, i wasn't too sure if i liked the idea that my favourite band were stepping down from McFly and stepping up and giving all their time to Mcbusted. Charlie Simpson for personal reasons didn't want to join Mcbusted so Matt Willis and James Bourne really had to prove themselves and show that Mcbusted wasn't only going to jeopardise their careers but McFly's careers too! 

I was lucky enough to attend 3/4 Glasgow dates on the Mcbusted tour, and this is my honest opinion on what i thought. There are still 4 dates to go on this tour, so if you live in England or Ireland you still have your chance to grab a last minute ticket and step on the Mcbusted band waggon!

*This contains spoilers*

The show opened with 2005 footage of Busted's split, and Charlie Simpson leaving the band. Matt and James had other ideas, and went back to the future, to join forces with McFly. McFly coming bursting through the stage floor (literally) while James and Matt come flying in on a DeLorean car. The crowd went crazy as they opened the show with Air Hostess. It was truly a magical experience to watch two fan bases come together as one, and dance the night away to old hits.

They played hits like, Year 3000, 5 Colours in Her Hair, Obviously, Who's David, Shine a Light and Thunderbirds Are Go. They also performed the hit "I Want You Back" by The Jackson Five, which had the crowd go into a frenzy as Danny Jones, Matt Willis and James Bourne showed a different side to them and done a choreographed dance to the hit and also shot McBusted t-shirts into the crowd through a T-shirt shooter, which on the last Glasgow date, exploded. Nobody was hurt though, thankfully!

Half way through the show they appeared on a UFO which transformed into a second stage. It got fans at the back closer to them which proved a crowd pleaser! Especially as front row tickets, aka, OMFG cost £160. A little pricey but 100% worth it. 

There were hilarious jokes, a McBusted Pyramid and crowd interaction shared between the lads, and some video footage from Tom Fletcher's wedding speech which was hi-jacked by Matt and James, and also Dougie dressed as a clown. 

As the ending came to a close, Matt Willis appeared in a wedding dress for Crashed The Wedding, which had us all in fits of laughter, then followed by All About you, a slow, emotional song to slowly close the show. Obviously it didn't end on a low point, they ended with Year 3000, had the whole crowd jumping and dancing along. A very uplifting number to end a phenomenal show! 

All three shows i went to had a fantastic atmosphere, which isn't unusual for a McFly show, so i wasn't expecting it to be any different for McBusted. I'm sad to to see it all come to an end but happy that we could possibly have McFly going back and doing their own shows soon!

Did you go to a McBusted show? Which one? Did you enjoy it?

Karina xoxo


Monday, 26 May 2014

Urban Decay | Naked 3 Pallete | Real or Fake?

There are so many sellers these days selling fake products, and recently i was in the middle of it all. I received the Naked 3 Palette as a gift and opened the package to realise that it was a fake. I contacted Amazon straight away, and the company who sold the palette ( i wont mention the seller as they have now removed the naked 3 pallete) and luckily i got a great response, got a full refund and an apology. I was one of the lucky ones that actually got good treatment from the seller, most people don't.

So, I've decided to do a blog post on this. How to tell if it's fake and for you to check that your naked 3 palette is not a fake (here's hoping, not!).

At first, you can see straight away that the boxes are a different size. You always get a free gift with Urban Decay, Naked Palettes, and with my fake one i never, that is why it's noticeably skinnier (top box) and the bottom one is slightly larger. The free product with the 3rd palette was, 4 different samples of eyeshadow primer potions. (sorry about my lighting in the photos, the sun kept going away).

The back of the packaging is noticeably different as well. The real box has the samples of the free product on the back and the fake one doesn't (top box). Also the purple rose design on the inside is more like purple blobs in the fake one to. It is a very good fake though, the exact same text on the back and the fake one even has a serial number, so be aware, they can look real when in fact they aren't!

Thirdly, The inside of the palette is the biggest give away that it's a fake. The fake is a lot more pinkier than the real palette, the writing in the fake is bolder and a different font. Also, even though the eyeshadows look the same, they aren't! The fake eyeshadow actually made my eyes very sore, and itchy. So straight after this post i am dumping it! 

Last but not least, i thought i'd share 3 more images just to show you examples of how different they look when they are shown together! I really hope you aren't caught out by fake sellers! If you have noticed by reading this post that yours is fake, let the seller know and ask for a full refund. I would hate to see someone take money of you for something which isn't legit! 

Karina xoxo

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