Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Miss Edward Scissor Hands Tutorial.

This is a very quick and easy guide on how to do a Edward Scissor Hands Halloween look. All you need are, a foundation paler than your skin tone, baby powder (talcum powder), two shades of brown eye shadow (one lighter than the other), a dark bronzer, black lipstick or a black eye shadow for your lips and white eye pencil. You can also get sculpting gel for your scars, or just use some glue. I haven't added this on as i couldn't find mine. For the full Edward look, get a black wig or even the Edward Scissor hand outfit from any Halloween costume website, or even easier,  Click Here for the costume. 

So first off i start with a lighter foundation that normal and apply that all over my face and neck, then follow it by added talcum powder to a face brush and dabbing all around your face until you are happy with the look. Your eyebrows have to be lighter as you will only be putting the eye shadow half across your eyebrows, I used a white eye pencil to lighten mine for a more fuller effect.

Then you get your light eye shadow to begin with. I used MUA's 'Undressed' Palette shades 3 and 8 for this look. First apply the shadow on your brow bone, eyebrows, inner corners and outer corners and a horizontal line under your eyes as you can see here. Leave your lids eye shadow free as they have to be white to add more of the ghost affect. Then get your darker shadow and fill in the parts of the look which need to be more defined, Inner Corners of eyes and start of eyebrows (not the whole way along). Then go back and put white eyeliner on your waterline, and also add some to your eye lids.

Then apply your black lipstick to the middle of your lips, leaving the corners lipstick free. Take your time as it can be tricky to get it just right, but practice makes perfect!

Then get your bronzer and apply it to your hairline, and cheeks (as you need to use this as more of a blusher for this look) but as your applying to your cheek take the line down to the end of your chin and stop. You can see in this photo what i mean if you are a little confused. I then went over all the bronzer with the lighter eye shadow to define it more. 

Finish off the look with scars (if you wish) and your Edward Scissor Hands costume, bought or homemade it doesn't matter as it will look fabulous. This is such a fun look for me and with the wig to finish it off, a lot of people didn't recognise me. 

Happy Halloween Everyone! 
Karina xoxo


Monday, 28 October 2013

3 for 2 superdrug make up haul.

So just recently I purchased these 3 as in superdrug at the moment there is 3 for 2 on ALL make up! So I jumped at the chance and for now just bought these 3 as I need them for my Halloween look (which i will be doing a tutorial on, so keep an eye out). I'm going as a more modern Miss Edward Scissor hands so need a lot of browns and black eye shadow's for the look and darker nails.

MUA 'Undressed' Eye shadow palette.

I have one of MUA's palettes already and loved it, so i decided to go out and buy another as they are brilliant for only £4! I bought this mainly for my Halloween look but i'll be using this for other every day make up looks to! I adore the colours as i'm loving the more neutral colours at the moment! 9/12 are shimmer eye shadows and the other 3 are more of a matte! I will be doing make up tutorials soon using this palette on this blog, so keep an eye out for that! But at Superdrug now.
Barry M, Berry Cosmo.

I noticed this was a new Barry M nail polish and had to buy it! It's a great colour for those autumn/winter days approaching. I also bought this as it would add a little colour, just a tad, to my Halloween costume, and also to my winter wardrobe. It's a very deep purple and look gorgeous on, that is just one coat i put on in the above photo! 

Barry M, Strawberry Milkshake.

I adore this! I've had heard a lot of good things about Barry M lip glosses so i thought i'd go and buy one, and one that i'd use a lot. I suit lighter lip gloss, so this was the one for me. Also, the name sounds super tasty! There isn't a photo with this, as the top one of it is pretty clear so you can see the shade of it. It's a very light pink and easy to apply. I'll be buying a lot more of these! Click here to buy.

Make up tutorials and fashion haul coming soon.

Karina xoxo


Thursday, 17 October 2013

bareMinerals review.

I've had these foundations in my makeup collection for about 2 years now! They were actually the first piece of expensive make up I ever owned! I have one old set and a new set, they are all the exact same colours so i'll concentrate on the new one as it's the most recent and also the bareMinerals primer! These are my new best friend as honestly, I forgot I had these! So I've been using these for the past 2 months now and my skin has completely cleared up and I just love how you can't tell that you have any foundation on! 

So to make it a tad easier I've listed them all above with the colours, and going to go into detail so you know what to expect if you do buy these! 

Primer: I use this a lot! I put it on most times before applying foundation so it will last longer throughout the day! I SWEAR by this stuff! You just need to add the smallest amount, rub evenly on your face and ta-daa you are all set! £21 at

Spf 20 Concealer: I use this to cover up my blemishes mostly, as it doesn't really work on my dark circles under my eyes as I have quite bad circles due to very early starts at work, so I have to use something more high coverage. This is the pot I use most of and sadly I'm running out, so definitely going to purchase more! £19 at

Original Mineral Veil: You add this beauty after you apply your mineral foundations. You may think it doesn't make any difference what so ever to add a powder over your foundation but it definitely does! It makes you less shiny, and it gives your face that gorgeous finish! This is £20 on

Fairly Light Foundation and Light Foundation: I bought fairly light and light foundation as I wasn't sure what colour I'd be! I'm very pale so didn't want to get just one and be orange so the safer option was to get both! I actually now mix these together as it is the perfect shade for my face! They are so high coverage and just a little drop on the lid (as seen above) covers your whole face! A definite must have product! £25 each at

Warmth all over face colour: You can use this as a blusher and bronzer it's that brilliant! I use it all over my face, just lightly, to add a healthy colour to my face so it feels like I have a gorgeous glow and looks like I've been on holiday for a good week! Amazing right!? £19 at

It's such a great investment and you definitely are missing out if you don't own these! You can buy them in kits on there website for £40-£50 with about 4-5 pots and 2-4 brushes so you are saving a lot of money! What do you think of bareMinerals?

Karina xoxo


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

October Glossy box reveal and review.

This post is going to be a reveal of the new Glossy Box for October and also i can review three out of the five items i received so I'm going to review three now and the other two in a later post as they are moisture's and can't review them after one use! This hasn't been one of my favourite Glossy Box's this month but i am excited to try new things i haven't heard of before, so there is always a plus to something you don't particularly like!


This was my favourite product out of the Glossy Box this month as I've been dying to try it since It's been released! This is Katy Perry's new fragrance 'Killer Queen'. Instead of trying to explain what the scent is to you, i can tell you what is in it, even better right!? Dark plum, wild berry, bergamot, red velvet flower, rainbow plumeria, natural jasmine sambac, cashmeran, natural patchouli heart and liquid praline are all in the well 'killer' (get it!?) scent! It cost's £29.50 for a 50ml bottle, and it's available everywhere now! 

I was so unsure of this product when i read what it was, and frankly I've never heard of a product like it before! This is a cheek and lip tint, daunting i know! The red blotch on my hand you can see is what it turns out like on skin! I was to scared to try it out on my hand let alone my face, so I don't think i will be trying out this product very often! If i feel daring one day then maybe but at the moment i think i might just stick to my blusher, bronzer and lipstick! You can buy this product for £5.50 at IF YOU WANT £5 OFF THE LITTLE-ANGELS-COLLECTION COMMENT BELOW AND I'LL GIVE YOU THE CODE.

I have heard great reviews about this product BUT my nails are long already and i just am one of those lucky ones who don't need to wear fake nails! The packaging is super creative though! I will be doing a giveaway soon when my blog followers pick up and this will be apart of it! You can buy these from boots at £7.99.

This is one of the product i received which i will be doing a review on! So stay peeled for that! But this is a Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum, which is supposed to soothe redness and hydrate skin! You can also seemingly mix it with liquid foundation to create a bb cream! But, I'll be the judge of that! You can buy a 50ml bottle for £22.50 from I HAVE A 15% CODE FOR PRODUCTS JUST COMMENT BELOW.

This is the final product in the Glossy Box reveal/review and this is the other product i can't review until later on this month! This is the Monu Illuminating primer and you can use this a primer before applying make up or just using it as a tinted moisturiser. This is £24.95 for a 50ml bottle and you can purchase this from I HAVE A 10% CODE, COMMENT BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE IT.

Karina xoxo


Monday, 14 October 2013

Do magazine's really need to photoshop celebrities?

We walk into a shops and all around us are models and celebrity photos splashed all over magazines, papers and billboards. As much as we all deny it, we always take a sneek peek and secretly wish we could look like that person and go out our way to buy the clothes and make up they wear, or in extreme circumstances get treatment done to our bodies!

Each and every one of us go through magazines and papers and forget that the people we see in those have indeed been airbrushed and photoshopped. It's just normal to look at them and forget that they have been touched up! We sit and stare at ourselves in the mirror and think 'why can't i look like them' or 'i'm ugly, i need to change to look like that person, then i'll get noticed'. What is this world coming to? We are all perfect in our own way! Everybody has flaws, even if you can only see your own, we all do, even if this person is a model and to you, looks gorgeous and flawless.

I was so happy to pick up a copy of the magazine 'new!' and see that Sam Faiers from The Only Way Is Essex and Carol McGiffin from Loose Woman took action and done a photoshoot without being airbrushed. Just stood there and took photos which showed flaws in them which before we couldn't see! The photo's in the interview are unbelievable! They literally change every little thing about that person, so you could be looking at your icon, favourite actress or actor like you know what they look like, but really every little thing on there body somehow has been touched up! It's not until if you ever get to see them in real life or on a TV interview you realise that they look a lot different to what you first thought!

I'm going to leave a link below of the Sam Faiers photoshoot to show you all what photoshop really does to you!

So this may of been a very stripped down blog today with no photos but that is a matter I'd love more than two celebrities to take action with this matter! Don't look at yourself and think you are worthless and ugly. You are all beautiful and somebody every day should tell you so to make you feel like you are worth something! 

Karina xoxo

Sunday, 13 October 2013

September Favourites

This was supposed to go up about a week ago but I've had a lot of things on so here it is, my September favourites! Prices will be at the end of this post!

This has been my favourite purchase of all in September! My skin is very oily and it was getting to a stage i couldn't find any foundation in the high street that would be high coverage and stop me from breaking out! I tried everything, and wasted so much money! So i went online and bought this beauty, Mac studio fix in shade NW15. I'd heard so much good reviews on this, I decided to buy it and see for myself! It does complete wonders to my skin and because it is only powder it doesn't look like i'm wearing anything on my face at all and it makes me feel so much more confident which is a winner in my books!

This item was part of my September glossy box, which i sadly didn't do a review on this month as honestly, i completely forgot and i think it's to late now to do a review on it as my October glossy box is on it's way to me! I was so excited though when i received this in my glossy box! I was literally that day i received it going to go out and buy a new blusher! So, when this arrived i was more than happy! It gives such a sun kissed finish and looks great on my pale skin! It's not to pink that it makes me look like a clown, it's just enough to give me that glow! 

My boyfriend bought this for me for our anniversary present at the end of August and i was so excited to try it out as he got the colour just right for me! It's in the shade Rose Gold and comes out a beautiful shimmery pink! I was going to do a swatch of this, but my camera wouldn't pick up the exact colour, and didn't want to show you guys a rubbish swatch and then you wouldn't go out and try it! It's great for 'going to school' look or if you can't wear much make up in school, this is just subtle but you can still tell you have colour on your eyes!

I also got this product with my September Glossy Box! I'd never really used a pen eye liner before as it's never something I'd ever seen would give a great result as to my Maybelline Gel eye liner or my handy Rimmel Liquid one! It was such a change for me, and the best way to try it out for myself was on a night out! It literally stayed on all night and i just love this! I do still love my gel and liquid liner though but going outside my comfort zone and trying this was definitely a great idea!

My Mum actually had this lying about her room from Christmas time and gave it to me as i usually wear more smokier eyes than she does! I just love this! It's by '17' and i have wore this a lot through September going into October! It even gives you instructions to give a great smoky eye look! I'm not sure they sell this procuct anymore but definitely go onto and check out this Christmas Collection for 17 as it's gorgeous!

I've tried this hand cream before but in a different scent and loved it! But recently i got this as a freebie and was so excited to try out this rose scent! It leaves my hands feeling A-MAZ-INNG! It smells gorgeous and this is just a must have item i have in my handbag at all times!

I did just do a blog on these baby lips, lip balms! But i love them that much it was obvious they were going to appear in my September Favourites! This is my favourite, Pink Punch! This is just a gorgeous pink tinted lip balm which i use daily! Even on days i'm in the house just having a little colour on your lips leaves you feeling fabulous! 

I got this in my September Glossy box and i love it that much i'm going to go out and buy the larger bottle of this! This is Elizabeth Arden's 'Untold' Perfume. My Mum and I have been fussing over this for weeks and we are always stealing it off each other to use! Definitely go into your local high street store and try this out, you definitely wont be disappointed! 

This was another gift from my boyfriend on our anniversary! I'm obsessed with perfume! I know this is very popular so a lot of you would of either smelt this or even own it! I love it that much though i don't want to use it because it will run out! 

I've had this for about two months now, and this is by far the best facial scrub I've owned! After a while with most scrubs I've tried my skin starts to react to it and then i need to go out and buy another one to try and then the same happens again! So far though I've had no problems and my skins look so much more healthier and gives my skin a lovely glow! My skin also hasn't broke out since I've used this.. result!!

Price list of the items I've shown above.

Mac Studio Fix (NW15): £21.50
HD Brows, Blusher (blusher 2): £17.95
Maybelline Colour Tattoo (Rose gold): £4.99
Be a Bombshell Eyeliner: $14.00
L'occitane hand cream (rose): £8.00
Baby Lips (pink punch): £2.99
Elizabeth Arden (Untold): £35-48
Nina Ricci (Nina): £38.50
Neutrogina face scrub: £3.99

Favourite Youtuber: Daily Bumps: These guys are an American Family who blog daily about there live. Bryan, Missy, Baby Oliver and Dog Karma, make up there perfect little family! They are hilarious and it shows the ups and downs they have been through in the last year, obviously in the name.. 'daily bumps'. If you love the Irish Youtubers, Saccone Joly's you will certainly love these guys! Go and check them out!
Favourite Song: One Republic - Counting Stars


Saturday, 12 October 2013

Maybelline Haul.

Around about 2-3 weeks ago i was at London Fashion Weekend, and was lucky enough to get some free Maybelline products and buy two Maybelline boxes for £10 each. I saved around about £15 - £20 in these boxes as i got 5 products in each box and considering 1 product is about £5 each this was definitely a great buy! 

The two boxes i bought were, 'Popping Pout' and 'Elegant Punk' as these had more gothic and darker colours in them, great for those Autumn/Winter months.

Popping Pout

Firstly i'll tell you the name and prices of these products and then go into detail! 

Master Smoky Eyeliner (black): £5.99
Great Lash Mascara: £4.99
Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara (dark brown): £4.99
Colour Sensational Vivids Collection (Hot Plum): £7.19
Neon Collection Nail Polish ( Fuschia Fever): £2.99

This brow mascara is so unusual to me! I mean I've seen this before but i was always to scared to buy it in case it looked like i had really bad and thick caterpillar eyebrows! So i took the plunge after staring at this for a good week, and tried this on a night out! I got soo many compliments from my friends about my eyebrows and couldn't believe this little tube of goodness could do it! Definitely try it! If not use eye shadow or an eye pencil to fill out your eye brows as you will not believe the difference it makes!

I tried this mascara once, and then passed it onto my mum as she does like her beauty products to! I did love this mascara and i asked her what she thought of it as i couldn't really judge it on just the one time using it, and she adores it! It's in her daily make up look and it makes her lashes look luscious!

This is a eye shadow and a eye pencil! I have only used this as an eye pencil on my water line, and i do like it as it applies quite thick, but it smudges under my eyes after a few hours so i need to go back and wipe my panda eyes again, then reapply! It's my only flaw with this product!

This is my favourite nail polish colour ever!! When i got it, i put it over my light blue nail polish i had on as i was that excited and it turned out amazing!! But, putting it on, on it's own it does need a good few coats to turn out a bright neon colour! So you could either put a base on first or keep applying this until it's the perfect colour for you!

Isn't this gorgeous!? I do love this even if it doesn't entirely suit my skin tone! I'm sure i can mix and match though and get it to suit me somehow! It's so pigmented and i'd definitely go and grab a Maybelline lipstick! I have a few now and they are my favourites!

Elegant Punk 

Mega Plush Mascara (black): £7.99
Superstay 14hr Lipstick (Continuous Cranberry): £6.99
Drama Gel Eyeliner (black): £7.99
Nail Lacquer (electric pink and blackout): £2.99 each

I already had this product, and so glad i got another! Here's my previous blog post on it!

I love these two colours, i love black especially coming up for winter time and i always seem to wear bright pinks on nights out, especially when i wear a black dress just to add some colour to my outfit! Make up and nails are always good for brightening up a look! Just like the other nail polish (above) my only flaw is that you need to add a few extra coats to your nails!

I'm not 100% sure that it does actually stay on for 14 hours as mine didn't! (It could be different for others) but it never did for myself! I do love this red though! It's matte and just gorgeous! It reminds me a lot of the Kate Moss lipsticks which i have a lot of! The girl who sold me this actually wore this and that's why i bought the box as i fell in love with the colour on!

I use this every single day along with my other Maybelline mascara, 'the falsies'. I tend to switch between both but i do love this as well! I'm just a huge sucker for Maybelline mascara, it's my favourite!

Bonus items

I got given this 'Mollie' Maybelline lipstick for free, well.. 3 of them for free! ( i am a sucker for all things free). Mollie King from the girlgroup 'the saturdays' teamed up with Maybelline and produced this beauty! It's a bright pink and you honestly don't need a lot of eye make up at all! Just nude eyes, with either black mascara or false eye lashes and this on your lips and you are set! Definitely go out and buy this, i think it's £7.99 in superdrug and boots!

I got this as a freebie to! It's a electric red with little bits of glitter through it! It is gorgeous on, really reminds me of christmas and gets me in the christmas spirit!

Any questions, feel free to ask!

Karina xoxo


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

London Fashion Weekend.

I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion Weekend which was such an amazing opportunity to go to! To see all this Autumn/Winter Fashion and see all the designer's work such an Vivienne Westwood. I traveled all the way from Scotland, a fair trek but it was something i was so interested in and to get asked to blog about it to, well that was pretty cool!

I arrived bright and early and waited to get let in! As i won tickets from Vodafone and then got asked to blog, i got taken to the VIP lounge and wandered about until my catwalk show which was a 11.30am. I walked into the maybelline section which was next to the VIP lounge and wandered about looking and the new products. I must admit, i felt like a kid in and a candy shop, i just fell in love! A very lovely lady approached me and asked who my favourite member of the girl group 'The Saturdays' was. I said Mollie as she has been my favourite since the beginning. The girl looked at me and said to me i was 'just saying that because she has teamed up with maybelline to release a lipstick and that would i like to meet her at 12'. I was completely in shock as i had no clue that one of my role models was going to even be here, let alone meet her! I instantly said yes as there was only 25 slots to meet her. BUT, i'd have to lose my catwalk slot. I was gutted but i wanted to meet Mollie and ask her stuff so i turned it down and met Mollie King.

At this point some people might think i'm mad turning down a catwalk slot. I honestly did think long and hard but i came to the decision that i'm going to be at London fashion weekend again next year so i could go to it then as i wouldn't get a chance to met her again.

I wandered in and met Mollie herself. She was absolutely gorgeous and so friendly! She shook my hand and showed me to the set i'd be getting a photo with her! I got three Mollie lipsticks from her range and i had to team it up with a nude face, light eyeshadow and mascara then give a statement bright pink lip. She also signed a photo to,which i will leave below along with my photo with her.

After that we got a little lunch in the cutest wee area that was inside Somerset House. It was adorable. We also went to a seminar and watched Grace from Elle magazine speak about the latest make up and hair styles which was so useful and helpful. All the clothes were gorgeous and i wish i could of bought them all, but i'm afraid i couldn't afford them all! I did splash out on a designer bag which i adore. I also got two maybelline boxes and a free tote bag to which i will blog about in tomorrow's blog. Here's a few photos of LFW. Enjoy.

 Karina xoxo

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