Thursday, 17 October 2013

bareMinerals review.

I've had these foundations in my makeup collection for about 2 years now! They were actually the first piece of expensive make up I ever owned! I have one old set and a new set, they are all the exact same colours so i'll concentrate on the new one as it's the most recent and also the bareMinerals primer! These are my new best friend as honestly, I forgot I had these! So I've been using these for the past 2 months now and my skin has completely cleared up and I just love how you can't tell that you have any foundation on! 

So to make it a tad easier I've listed them all above with the colours, and going to go into detail so you know what to expect if you do buy these! 

Primer: I use this a lot! I put it on most times before applying foundation so it will last longer throughout the day! I SWEAR by this stuff! You just need to add the smallest amount, rub evenly on your face and ta-daa you are all set! £21 at

Spf 20 Concealer: I use this to cover up my blemishes mostly, as it doesn't really work on my dark circles under my eyes as I have quite bad circles due to very early starts at work, so I have to use something more high coverage. This is the pot I use most of and sadly I'm running out, so definitely going to purchase more! £19 at

Original Mineral Veil: You add this beauty after you apply your mineral foundations. You may think it doesn't make any difference what so ever to add a powder over your foundation but it definitely does! It makes you less shiny, and it gives your face that gorgeous finish! This is £20 on

Fairly Light Foundation and Light Foundation: I bought fairly light and light foundation as I wasn't sure what colour I'd be! I'm very pale so didn't want to get just one and be orange so the safer option was to get both! I actually now mix these together as it is the perfect shade for my face! They are so high coverage and just a little drop on the lid (as seen above) covers your whole face! A definite must have product! £25 each at

Warmth all over face colour: You can use this as a blusher and bronzer it's that brilliant! I use it all over my face, just lightly, to add a healthy colour to my face so it feels like I have a gorgeous glow and looks like I've been on holiday for a good week! Amazing right!? £19 at

It's such a great investment and you definitely are missing out if you don't own these! You can buy them in kits on there website for £40-£50 with about 4-5 pots and 2-4 brushes so you are saving a lot of money! What do you think of bareMinerals?

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