Monday, 14 October 2013

Do magazine's really need to photoshop celebrities?

We walk into a shops and all around us are models and celebrity photos splashed all over magazines, papers and billboards. As much as we all deny it, we always take a sneek peek and secretly wish we could look like that person and go out our way to buy the clothes and make up they wear, or in extreme circumstances get treatment done to our bodies!

Each and every one of us go through magazines and papers and forget that the people we see in those have indeed been airbrushed and photoshopped. It's just normal to look at them and forget that they have been touched up! We sit and stare at ourselves in the mirror and think 'why can't i look like them' or 'i'm ugly, i need to change to look like that person, then i'll get noticed'. What is this world coming to? We are all perfect in our own way! Everybody has flaws, even if you can only see your own, we all do, even if this person is a model and to you, looks gorgeous and flawless.

I was so happy to pick up a copy of the magazine 'new!' and see that Sam Faiers from The Only Way Is Essex and Carol McGiffin from Loose Woman took action and done a photoshoot without being airbrushed. Just stood there and took photos which showed flaws in them which before we couldn't see! The photo's in the interview are unbelievable! They literally change every little thing about that person, so you could be looking at your icon, favourite actress or actor like you know what they look like, but really every little thing on there body somehow has been touched up! It's not until if you ever get to see them in real life or on a TV interview you realise that they look a lot different to what you first thought!

I'm going to leave a link below of the Sam Faiers photoshoot to show you all what photoshop really does to you!

So this may of been a very stripped down blog today with no photos but that is a matter I'd love more than two celebrities to take action with this matter! Don't look at yourself and think you are worthless and ugly. You are all beautiful and somebody every day should tell you so to make you feel like you are worth something! 

Karina xoxo
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