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McBusted's Most Excellent Adventure Tour | Review & Spoilers.

McBusted's tour has just kicked off and I was lucky enough to go to the first two dates in Glasgow. I splurged and spent £200 on Omfg tickets which is standing and the closest tickets to the stage and also VIP. On the second date I bought seating tickets to relax and to rest my feet from all the dancing I done the night before! 

If you want a night filled with singing your heart out and dancing until you think your feet are going to fall off, then this tour is for you! They sing McFly and Busted hits which will bring you straight back to your younger years and also songs off their new album which if I do say so myself are incredible. 

McBusted Live |

They kicked off the night with Air Guitar, the first song released by McBusted themselves which got the whole crowd jumping up and down, screaming from the top of our lungs. They sang other hits like Stargirl, 5 colours in her hair, Crashed the wedding and 3am and also a few McBusted songs like Get over it and Hate your guts. 

Half way through the set they moved to the B stage, a Delorean car came down from the ceiling and McBusted stepped out and kicked off with Air-hostess which was incredible. After ending on the B stage with Beautiful Girls are the Loneliest, the place went dark and wedding music started playing. Fans were throwing confetti as Harry led the way while the rest of the boys were walking behind in wedding dresses which was absolutely hilarious, you might be able to guess what they started playing? Well I hope you do!

The energy the boys have whilst onstage 100% rubs off on the fans as the whole night everyone was on their feet, dancing. They interact with the crowd throwing out t-shirts and having a laugh among each other on stage which is refreshing as a lot of bands these days don't do that. It's lovely to see after 12 years of Mcfly and 2 years of McBusted the chemistry is still there.

McBusted Vip |

Once in your life you should splurge and get VIP to any of your favourite shows, as it was the best experience of my life. I have been lucky enough to meet Mcfly 6 times and McBusted twice now just by waiting at hotels, and through McFly's website. So when this opportunity came up I couldn't turn it down. The whole buzz of a meet and greet is incredible, everybody is standing in a line shaking, speaking about what they're going to say and do and it's just a lovely feeling that everyone is feeling the same way as you are. 

With McBusted's VIP experience you got a commemorative ticket, lanyard and wristband. Then escorted through backstage until we stopped at a door. You could hear them cheering and talking, which hearing that made me shake like a leaf, even if I had met them before.

A group of six walk in. The door closed and our experience began. I was second up to meet them, I hugged Tom first and as he's my favourite member, I wouldn't shut up speaking to him. As I was about to move onto hug Dougie, Tom asked if he knew me, as he remembers me from meeting them outside the hotel they were at last year. I was completely shocked and it totally brought out my fangirl inside, I was speechless. Of course Dougie asked what we got up to in the hotel as he is the joker of the group! Typical! I then went round and met the rest of the band from Tom to Dougie, then James, Matt, Harry and Danny.  Matt, Harry and Danny thought my name was Keira, which after I corrected them they were shouting 'ohhh Karinaaaa, Karinaaa' which gave us all a good chuckle. 

We got a group photo, and then a cupcake with 'D' on them, as it was Danny's birthday which was a lovely touch. 

Have you been to see McBusted? Or even met them? What was your experience like?

There are still plenty of tour dates left to catch McBusted on tour, you can find them here.

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