Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ten beauty gift ideas for Christmas | for her.

I thought on the run up to Christmas i'd post about 4/5 blogs a week on gift ideas, homemade decorations and other Christmas ideas! At this time of year gorgeous beauty sets and other nik naks get released which are to die for,  so I've searched the internet looking at different beauty products which i love and also that perhaps your friends or family would love.

1. BaByliss Curl Secret Styler : This hair curler is very popular and most beauty youtubers and bloggers are raving about it! With three timer settings from loose waves to more defined curls this gives a gorgeous long lasting finish and is quick and easy to use! Price ranges from £100 to £120 from Boots, Tesco, Argos and other high street stores.

2. Clarins All About Eyes Collection : This is the perfect starter kit and price for a Christmas present. Usually Clarins can be quite expensive but at £21 this is an amazing product to snatch up! This includes, a Clarins make up bag, mascara, eye revive beauty flash and instant smooth perfection touch.

3. Dare | eye shadow palette : With matte and satin shadows this eight warm and vibrant palette is suitable for any skin tone, easy to blend and to show off those gorgeous eyes, for only $29, Sigma ship worldwide.

4.Smokey eye gift set : I never realized that Topshop done gift sets, so at £22 i was super excited when i found this. A bright pouch filled with dark and nude shades of eye shadow and a black mascara to make those eyes pop.

5. Crime of Passion, Eye, Lip & Cheek Palette : With a gorgeous pink lip gloss and 3 shimmering eye shadows from nude to darks on top you'd think this palette had it all, but you're wrong. Underneath holds a beautiful peach blush and a Laguna bronzer. All for £35.

6. Benefit | Primping with the stars : Want a flawless finish? This beauty box is the one for you. Filled with a mascara to primer this is the box your face will love. Be nice to your skin, treat yourself or a friend this Christmas for £26.50

7. Benefit | limited edition | How to look the best kit : Two concealers, foundation, brush, powder and primer. Want high coverage or know somebody who does? This is the ultimate gift for only £15.

8. MAC | Face Palette - Warm : Want to splash out for your loved one? Why not this winter warmer with 2 lipsticks, 3 eye shadows and a warm bronzer, they will look glowing this winter.

9. Real Technique Brushes : This has been the trend this year, and if you know somebody who doesn't follow it, why not buy them these!? With a foundation brush, buffing brush, contour brush, detailer brush and a case all for $18 you will see a difference when applying make up, they are just THAT good.

10. Nails Inc | Polish diary : Ohh la la! Who needs to write in a diary, when you can wear one!? Each month is a full size best seller nail polish which will make you feel all glammed up. Why not click and have a look, then you'll know what i mean!

Fashion Christmas ideas coming very soon.
Karina xoxo

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Liebster Award.

I couldn't believe it when i received a tweet saying i had been nominated for the 'Leibster award' which means sweetest, nicest and dearest and German is rewarded to blogs with just over 200 followers or less, to help them along in blogging and to spread the word. I read blogs daily, and put time and effort into my blog so to be nominated this was rewarding! I got nominated by the lovely Bella from Miss Bella Blogs , make sure to give a look and follow!

The Leibster Award means sweetest, nicest and dearest and German

Everybody can take part in this, and here is how:

The rules:

  • Post the award on your blog
  • Thank the blogger who presented you the award and link to there blog
  • Write 11 random facts
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
  • Answer 11 questions from the blogger who awarded you
  • Leave 11 questions for you nominee to answer

11 random facts about myself. 

1. I spent all my money on beauty products and gig tickets.
2. I met Johnny Depp about 4 years ago, he was lovely and got something signed to!
3. My favourite beauty brands are MAC and bareMinerals
4. My dog, Spencer is my world, very sad, i know but he makes me soo happy!
5. My dream job would to be a make up artist for the famous.
6. I hate my own voice, so haven't plucked up the courage yet to start a youtube account.
7. My favourite youtubers are, Zoella, Sprinkleofglitter, Pointlessblog and Dollybowbow.
8. I am obsessed with McFly, it will be my 14th time seeing them live, and met them twice!
9. In love with How i met your mother and Neil Patrick Harris.. yum.
10. I'm an only child.

The 11 facts i was given to answer:

1. What are my favourite accessories? Rings and bracelets. I don't think i have ever gone a day without wearing my pandora rings and i wear my festival and Mcfly wristbands every day also.

2. What is your favourite time of year? Christmas. Easy as that. Everyone is jolly and all the fairy lights make everything look prettier.

3. What is your favourite animal? Penguins, they are so beautiful and if i could own one i would!

4. What is your favourite quote? "The secret to a long-term relationship is perseverance. It's so easy to want to give up when things are rough, you have to remember it's just temporary - the good stuff is around the corner" - Tom Fletcher

5. What is your favourite flower? Pink roses

6. What is your favourite nail varnish? I don't have a specific favourite, but i'm loving Essie.

7. What is your favourite beauty brand, high end and high street? High end: MAC. High Street: Maybelline.

8. What would you like to do that you can't do at the moment? Learn my ukulele, i have a pink one, but got no time to learn it at the moment.

9. Pastel or Neon? Pastel.

10. What is your favourite TV show? How i met your mother or Big bang theory.

11. What is your favourite blog to read? Zoella.

The 11 random facts for my nominees.

1. Favourite Beauty blogger?
2. Favourite Fashion blogger?
3. Youtube or Blogger?
4. Favourite musician?
5. Heels or flat?
6. Lipstick or lipgloss
7. Favourite high end brand and why?
8. Favourite shop?
9. A product or piece of clothing you couldn't live without?
10. Your ideal job?
11. Why did you start blogging?

My nominees.

Most blogs have way over 200, so these are my top five. Enjoy girls!


Sunday, 17 November 2013

November Glossy Box Reveal.

(from left to right: Elegant touch for nails, Vichy serum, Emite eyeshadow, B Quick Nail Varnish and Yves hand cream).

Receiving a Glossy box is my favourite time of month, beauty products that i haven't heard of or interested to try out turning up at my door for only £10 a month! What else would a girl want!?

This is not a review, my review will be up in a few weeks once i have had enough time to try out these products and make my verdict on them!

Elegant touch rapid dry for nails: For people on the go and are in a rush this spray, added with vitamin E is supposed to dry your nails in 60 seconds! You can buy this product from high streets stores at the price of £3.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum: This product is supposed to help the transformation of skin quality and hide the effects of stress, pollution, smoke and an unhealthy diet. This product is interesting to me, i go through tons of facial products so this will be great to find out if it works or not. For a full size 30ml bottle it's £29.50 from here .

Emite Micronized Eyeshadow in 'Dams': Free from oil and perfume, this is supposed to be an easy apply beauty product and have an lasting result. £16.80 at Emite Make up online. *click here*

Quick one coat finish nail polish: Smooth long-lasting finish from just one application.. well i'll be the judge of that! £4.99 from Superdrug.

Yves Rocher France hand cream: Protects your hands from the temperature fall this winter, it's a nourishing treat! £1.95 at Yves Rocher.  IF YOU BUY YVES ROCHER RASPBERRY HOME FRAGRANCE AND RASPBERRY SPARKLING SHOWER GEL YOU RECEIVE FREE PERFUMED SHOWER GEL, LIP BALM AND HAND CREAM. ASK FOR CODE!

Do you get a Glossy Box? What do you think!?

Karina xoxo


Friday, 15 November 2013

Dealing with hair problems.

Ever since i can remember my skin has been very sensitive and I've gone through so many products growing up, from medicated to high street brands. However i had no problems with my hair until 2011, i went through that phase of dying my hair silly colours and in the space of 4 months i went from brown and red, to purple, back to red and then my hair was so damaged it had to be dyed brown and blonde for my hair to recover, luckily though i returned to my natural hair colour, phew! (photos below.. cringe)

red and brown hair.

dark purple.

It didn't take a few weeks though for my hair to go back to the way it was before, it took many hair appointments and a lot of money for it to get fixed! Every 5 weeks i went and got the dye cut out my hair and my lovely long hair i had before went disgustingly thin and had to get a shoulder length do, which i wasn't happy about, but then again i did do it to myself!

After all that, i thought i had got rid of the worst of my hair drama, but no, i was wrong! I started to get a itchy scalp at the front of my head under my fringe, i checked and i noticed clumps of dry skin forming but i done the sensible thing of not scratching it as i didn't want to lose more hair, so i went to Tesco and bought T Gel, a shampoo for dry skin and which doctors can also prescribe you. It was my last hope, and thankfully it did work after 2 weeks! It does come back but more in the colder months so i have a bottle in my drawer to hand in case it decides to creep back up on me!

If you are starting to lose strands of hair, don't panic! Ease of hot appliances like hair straighteners, hair dryers and curlers, use heat protection and don't wash your hair to much as it can also cause hair loss! If you have the same problem as i do, buy T Gel or if your concerned visit a doctor! Don't assume the worst, it can get fixed!

Karina xoxo


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Body Shop Favourites.

I love the body shop, and it's that time of year which i love, CHRISTMAS! I always get gift sets from there and i instantly use them as they all smell gorgeous! My favourite is the strawberry scent as you can guess it smells of the fruit! It's a gorgeous strong strawberry smell, so good that you want to eat it! 

I buy this A LOT. It's perfection in a bottle! The strawberry shower gel makes you smelling like strawberries for hours! I then add the body polish (which has strawberry seeds in it) and body butter after! They apply so easily and makes your skin soo smooth! I have sensitive skin and none of these irritate it! The body butter is fabulous after shaving your legs or just for making your skin that extra bit smoother. It's definitely worth buying it! There are other scents to, so knock yourself out and go on the body shop website, or click on the links below for the products i bought. 

Or get the gift set here

Karina xoxo


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Three Makeup Favourite's of the Month.

This month I have had three products which have stood out to me. I wanted to be a little more daring and make my dark winter wardrobe a little bit brighter and add that splash of colour by bright eye shadows. These three beauty products are Mac eyeshadow, Cranberry, Mac studio fix powder in NW15 and Sleek Palette, i Divine in Ultra Matte V1.

The Sleek palette is full of bright matte colours ranging from white to electric pink and yellow. These shadows give a great pigmentation, apply easy to the eyes and blend easy. Sleek palette's never fail and once you try them there's not going back! Also there products aren't tested on animals. You can but this exact palette by clicking here.

MAC, Cranberry is talked about so often in the blogging and youtubing world. For months I held off not buying it but temptation gave in and had to try the eye shadow that got talked about so much. Cranberry is a metallic purple it's all that really can describe it. It's blends so well and the pigmentation is incredible, as all MAC products are. It may be a little pricey but you can add this to your own MAC palette and create the palette of your dreams! Click here to pick up your favourite shadow now.

Many people may suffer from oily skin and can't go out and buy any foundation! You'll have to go through so many products and try to find one that wont make you break out and make your face look shiny! I had this problem and going through many many foundations I gave up hope of finding one that would finally stop making me break out. MAC studio fix caught my eye one day, a powder foundation that could solve so many peoples problems. Used this product for two months now and the results are amazing and is finally clearing up my skin. It may be £21.50 which can be pricey for most people but you might need to make that sacrifice for clearer skin. Click here to buy.

What are your winter essentials? 

Karina xoxo

Friday, 1 November 2013

NEW Barry M 'MATTE' Nail Polish

Barry M have recently revealed there new MATTE nail polishes. MATTE is the new trend for AW/13, the colours black, cream and berry also fall into the category. These are cheap and affordable and will make your nails look fantastic and give off that 'grunge' look which is oh so popular at the moment. 

The MATTE Barry M Polishes come in 5 different colours at the affordable price of £3.99 from Superdrug and Boots.

They come in the gorgeous colours, Crush (Shown above in photo), Mocha (brown), Vanilla (Nude), Caramel (light brown) and Espresso (black). Apply a base coat and then a second coat to give off the gorgeous finish as shown above! It's very easy to apply and they don't chip easily. Have fun with it, it gives off such a beautiful finish and the different texture compared to other nail polishes will get heads turning! 

Tell me what you think! What's your favourite colour?

Karina xoxo

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