Monday, 22 April 2013

Dainty doll makeup.

Dainty doll is the make up range from Nicola Roberts ( girls aloud) if you aren't to sure who she is!

I had been dying to try out her range for a while but the prices range from £15-20 and I didn't want to spend that much on just one item of make up. So I do what I do best and I browsed the Internet to see if i could find anywhere cheaper, but you do have to watch these days as a lot of the make up people put on ebay for example can be fakes. But on amazon i found her make up for only £2 and her other products were ranging from £5 to £8 which I thought was absolutely amazing, and it's 100% legit!

I bought a blusher and a lipstick. ( here are the photos below)

Lipstick: the lipstick is creamy/pink shade which I adore, as I said in previous blog posts i always buy lipstick but never wear it! But this i always wear! And I need to invest in some more, it's such a nice light shade and its not to in your face, which I like! I don't suit bright colours so this shade is perfect for me! I highly recommend it!

Blusher: I have wanted a new blusher for months on end so I found this as a good opportunity to buy one as it was going cheap on amazon! It's not a bright pink its more natural so you can just tell you are wearing it and no more! The only problem I had with this product is i have it in my makeup bag and the powder split and is in little bits now and not all together which I was slightly annoyed at, but in future ill probably leave my blusher at home and not leave it in my bag which I dump and throw about everywhere! 

So on you go, go on to amazon and type in 'dainty doll' i promise you, it's not a let down!


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mua makeup.

I recently bought some Mua makeup as its one of the cheapest I could find in my local super drug and can't afford at the moment to splash out on £20 makeup.

Being cheap you can't always tell if its going to be good or not so I took the risk and bought three products from the mua range! I now know I am going to think twice now on splashing out on mac makeup and other expensive ranges as this works better than most of them!

I bought the mua eye pallet, mua nail beads and a red/orange lipstick. (Photos below)

Eye pallet: This eye pallet cost me £4 which I thought was a great bargain, i tend to suit darker eye shadows so this pallet worked out great for me! It had darker eye shadows and a few lighter ones i wouldn't tend to use and found out that I actually suit them better than most dark shades! There's a few different bronze shades which I adore and can't stop using at the moment and also have been asked a few times where I got my make up from!its unbelievable that when I wore expensive make up i never got asked but now I'm wearing a tad cheaper make up i got asked straight up!

Nail beads: I was worried at first when I bought these! I think they were around £2/£3. I have had nail beads in the past and they have fallen off after a few hours and felt like I had wasted more money on things I had to get rid of! But these beads are unbelievable! You put one coat (or two if to prefer) of nail polish on your nails and apply the beads straight on, if your nails start to dry they won't stay on the same then hold done on your nail I'd say for about 20 seconds then realise! I added a matte coat over the beads which was a good and bad idea as the beads would not come off my nails at all but at least they stayed on right!? Maybe even add a clear coat of nail varnish over the top and that will make them stay on for sure!

Lipstick: I don't wear lipstick like, ever! But I always end up buying it as I tend to go to strange dress up parties or wake up one day in the mood to wear it! I'm still not sure about the shade I bought but the lipstick does stay in and it applies nicely! I think next time I will get a lighter shade and I will like them better! Oh and did i mention.. They are only £1! YES, £1 for lipstick, amazing right!?

Here's a photo of my products-

Instagram hype.

Do you think Instagram is good?

I have had instagram for about a year and I still can't get over 1,000 followers! To me it's impossible! You either have to post things floral, white furniture, stuff from ikea or own mac makeup and that makes you 'insta famous' do you think that's right? Why can't you post your favourite things and get lots of likesand followers and be original is beyond me! I own every single one of those things and I still don't get half as much likes as other people on instagram.

I don't post my pictures for likes, I post my pictures as its either what I'm doing that day or things i love! Do you believe in the 'insta' hype? Do you think it's fair to have to post stuff to be in the 'insta scene' to get followers/likes?

Leave your opinions below of what you think of instagram, I'd love to know!

My personal instagram and my themed instagram is below if you'd like to follow me or take a noisy at my photos :)

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