Sunday, 21 April 2013

Instagram hype.

Do you think Instagram is good?

I have had instagram for about a year and I still can't get over 1,000 followers! To me it's impossible! You either have to post things floral, white furniture, stuff from ikea or own mac makeup and that makes you 'insta famous' do you think that's right? Why can't you post your favourite things and get lots of likesand followers and be original is beyond me! I own every single one of those things and I still don't get half as much likes as other people on instagram.

I don't post my pictures for likes, I post my pictures as its either what I'm doing that day or things i love! Do you believe in the 'insta' hype? Do you think it's fair to have to post stuff to be in the 'insta scene' to get followers/likes?

Leave your opinions below of what you think of instagram, I'd love to know!

My personal instagram and my themed instagram is below if you'd like to follow me or take a noisy at my photos :)

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