Friday, 25 January 2013

Barry M nail polish haul.

This is a small haul on the few nail polish's i have collected over the last few weeks. I am i love with them and i know in superdrug at the moment there is a 3 for 2 offer, so get yours quick!

First of all these are the four i bought.

from left to right: magnetic polish, chameleon polish, cracked polish and gelly polish.

First of all i am going to start with the magnetic polish. This is gorgeous! i done a blog on it a few weeks ago, so go check it out for more details! But this is one of my favourite, it still amuses me how this nail polish can go different styles just by the type of magnet you get. Barry m has really stepped up it's game lately! Here's a picture below of the outcome.

2.  Chameleon nail polish.

I love this stuff, it comes out a pretty colour and looks wonderful on your nails. You apply three coats then you can design your on style onto your nails. The only problem i have is i haven't been able to work out how to use it yet, but when i do, i will post a blog on it!

3. Cracked nails.

I had seen this on so many people it's beyond me! So i thought i'd give it a little try, and it's the best buy i have had so far! You apply a base coat of your choice, then add this on top, you then see the magic happen and the cracks begin to appear! It amazes me! The photo below is of when i tried it out!

4. Gelly nails.

This is just a random buy as it was on offer and thought id try it out! I love it. You apply two coats and it comes out very shiny and pretty! Very plain but plain works right!?

These are usually £4.99 each but for three i got them for £7.99 which i thought was a really good bargain! I hope you like!

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