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Hollywood Ending | Anywhere Tour 2014 | Review.

It feels like I've just started to go back to reality after the McBusted tour, with Hollywood Ending supporting and then i was back on a train for 3 and a half hours to see and meet Hollywood Ending on their 'Anywhere' tour.  Here is a review of the Meet & Greet and Live Performance! 


Waiting outside the Glasgow O2 ABC in the roasting heat with my leather jacket on wasn't the brightest idea, but luckily i had my denim dress and pink and black vans to make up for the sweaty mess i felt like i was in. A 2 hour wait with friends felt like forever, so we bought a Scottish flag to waste time and wrote our twitter names on it. How original, i know! 

The VIP crowd finally got called in, i was in no way nervous about meeting them as after all they are just normal people, but the atmosphere of the crowd and the fans shaking with nerves did pass on to me, and for the first time ever i was started to shake like a 12 year old fan girl! 

As we walked in to the O2 it instantly felt calming, after the stress though of not being able to find a pen for them to sign my ticket, but a lovely girl passed us her gold pen, and for some reason i'm pretty sure we never gave it back, sorry! I walked up to Tyler, and he greeted me with the biggest hug, then to Cameron, Chris and finally Dan! They each complimented me with what i was wearing and my tattoo, and even Chris sang lyrics from their song Freak like me as i was the 'real rock chick wearing red lipstick'. I  had my favourite black snapback with gold spikes on, i just bought it but i thought id shove it on Tyler's head for our group photo! My friend Amy, even managed for us to get a second group photo, how lucky! I walked back over and told Tyler he could keep my snapback, and i'd just get another one! He was the sweetest and wouldn't stop hugging me and kept making sure i wasn't making a mistake by giving it to him, even got a cheeky kiss on the cheek to! (Photo's inserted below).

They done a quick 1 song acoustic set, and got a cheeky wink of Tyler as he walked on wearing my hat, and placed our flag on their drum kit for the remainder of their gig, i swear they had a thing for us! 


They kicked of the night with their song Don't let me down and it got the whole crowd jumping and singing at the top of their lungs! They then performed songs from their Anywhere EP which was a crowd pleaser, and even added in a fan favourite, The Grocery Store Rap. 

It was very up close and personal and the banter was flowing among the lads, they even got the fans interacting with them and each other! At one point Cameron even stripped which got ever girl in the room's heart racing! It was the hottest gig i have attended and i wasn't sure if it was because i was sweating or the fact the lads were grabbing fans and singing to them, we were all covered in their sweat, but none of us could complain! 

If you want to go to a small, intimate gig then definitely give Hollywood Ending a look at! I'll leave all links down below, and links to the youtube videos i took while at the gig! 

Twitter: @HWoodEnding
Hollwood Ending | Youtube
Hollywood Ending | Facebook
Official Website

My video's of Hollywood Ending are right HERE. So check them out! 

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