Saturday, 19 January 2013


It's that time of year again when people spend crazy amounts of money on festivals. It may seem far away but they are only a couple of months away and people will be starting buying and getting organised with clothes, tents, sleeping bags etc. I mean it is the january sales after all, and it's always better to be organised than rushing about last minute. Festivals aren't everyone's cup of tea, it wasn't mine until last year. The thought of festivals before made me feel sick! I hated the thought of no showers, smelly toilets and being freezing in a damp uncomfy tent whilst i could be happier in my little house with a warm cosy bed, hot water and clean bathroom.

A drunken decision turned out to be the best one i ever made! Two months before T in the park i decided to buy a ticket and go. I regretted it the first moment i took the money out the bank, but hey, i wanted to try something new and reach out my comfort zone, it would be my 18th there and i'd be with all my friends and didn't like the thought of being alone on my 18th birthday. Yeah the campsite was boggy, you were freezing, no water, horrible toilets, damp tents and drunken people everywhere, but the crowds and atmosphere was incredible! THAT'S wha made it for me! Like one big community together, enjoying our favourite thing as a team.. MUSIC.

First time at a festival? Here is the important essentials you should bring :3

- tent (obviously)
- sleeping bag
- clothes/wellies ( don't forget to pack a jacket and a few warm jumpers, it does get cold)
- baby wipes (ITS A MUST.. it's a life saver!)
- food/drink/alcohol (remember put drink in plastic bottles if it's in glass)
- pare of extra shoes so your wellies don't get you tent muddy
- ID, cheap phone, money
- a bag that goes around your waist (its safe, always on you and keep your valuables in it)
- dry shampoo and smellies (you will thank it so much once the weeks over)
- a bucket (if you want, we did and saved us half the time going to horrible toilets)
- line your bag with black bags in case it rains so your stuff doesn't get wet
- paint for your face, get into the festival spirit and have fun xD

There's just a few of the essentials you will need for a great festival, you can obviously bring more, that's just stuff at the top of my head. I enjoyed it so much i am going to download festival this year.  happy camping!
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