Monday, 22 April 2013

Dainty doll makeup.

Dainty doll is the make up range from Nicola Roberts ( girls aloud) if you aren't to sure who she is!

I had been dying to try out her range for a while but the prices range from £15-20 and I didn't want to spend that much on just one item of make up. So I do what I do best and I browsed the Internet to see if i could find anywhere cheaper, but you do have to watch these days as a lot of the make up people put on ebay for example can be fakes. But on amazon i found her make up for only £2 and her other products were ranging from £5 to £8 which I thought was absolutely amazing, and it's 100% legit!

I bought a blusher and a lipstick. ( here are the photos below)

Lipstick: the lipstick is creamy/pink shade which I adore, as I said in previous blog posts i always buy lipstick but never wear it! But this i always wear! And I need to invest in some more, it's such a nice light shade and its not to in your face, which I like! I don't suit bright colours so this shade is perfect for me! I highly recommend it!

Blusher: I have wanted a new blusher for months on end so I found this as a good opportunity to buy one as it was going cheap on amazon! It's not a bright pink its more natural so you can just tell you are wearing it and no more! The only problem I had with this product is i have it in my makeup bag and the powder split and is in little bits now and not all together which I was slightly annoyed at, but in future ill probably leave my blusher at home and not leave it in my bag which I dump and throw about everywhere! 

So on you go, go on to amazon and type in 'dainty doll' i promise you, it's not a let down!

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