Monday, 18 November 2013

The Liebster Award.

I couldn't believe it when i received a tweet saying i had been nominated for the 'Leibster award' which means sweetest, nicest and dearest and German is rewarded to blogs with just over 200 followers or less, to help them along in blogging and to spread the word. I read blogs daily, and put time and effort into my blog so to be nominated this was rewarding! I got nominated by the lovely Bella from Miss Bella Blogs , make sure to give a look and follow!

The Leibster Award means sweetest, nicest and dearest and German

Everybody can take part in this, and here is how:

The rules:

  • Post the award on your blog
  • Thank the blogger who presented you the award and link to there blog
  • Write 11 random facts
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
  • Answer 11 questions from the blogger who awarded you
  • Leave 11 questions for you nominee to answer

11 random facts about myself. 

1. I spent all my money on beauty products and gig tickets.
2. I met Johnny Depp about 4 years ago, he was lovely and got something signed to!
3. My favourite beauty brands are MAC and bareMinerals
4. My dog, Spencer is my world, very sad, i know but he makes me soo happy!
5. My dream job would to be a make up artist for the famous.
6. I hate my own voice, so haven't plucked up the courage yet to start a youtube account.
7. My favourite youtubers are, Zoella, Sprinkleofglitter, Pointlessblog and Dollybowbow.
8. I am obsessed with McFly, it will be my 14th time seeing them live, and met them twice!
9. In love with How i met your mother and Neil Patrick Harris.. yum.
10. I'm an only child.

The 11 facts i was given to answer:

1. What are my favourite accessories? Rings and bracelets. I don't think i have ever gone a day without wearing my pandora rings and i wear my festival and Mcfly wristbands every day also.

2. What is your favourite time of year? Christmas. Easy as that. Everyone is jolly and all the fairy lights make everything look prettier.

3. What is your favourite animal? Penguins, they are so beautiful and if i could own one i would!

4. What is your favourite quote? "The secret to a long-term relationship is perseverance. It's so easy to want to give up when things are rough, you have to remember it's just temporary - the good stuff is around the corner" - Tom Fletcher

5. What is your favourite flower? Pink roses

6. What is your favourite nail varnish? I don't have a specific favourite, but i'm loving Essie.

7. What is your favourite beauty brand, high end and high street? High end: MAC. High Street: Maybelline.

8. What would you like to do that you can't do at the moment? Learn my ukulele, i have a pink one, but got no time to learn it at the moment.

9. Pastel or Neon? Pastel.

10. What is your favourite TV show? How i met your mother or Big bang theory.

11. What is your favourite blog to read? Zoella.

The 11 random facts for my nominees.

1. Favourite Beauty blogger?
2. Favourite Fashion blogger?
3. Youtube or Blogger?
4. Favourite musician?
5. Heels or flat?
6. Lipstick or lipgloss
7. Favourite high end brand and why?
8. Favourite shop?
9. A product or piece of clothing you couldn't live without?
10. Your ideal job?
11. Why did you start blogging?

My nominees.

Most blogs have way over 200, so these are my top five. Enjoy girls!

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