Friday, 15 November 2013

Dealing with hair problems.

Ever since i can remember my skin has been very sensitive and I've gone through so many products growing up, from medicated to high street brands. However i had no problems with my hair until 2011, i went through that phase of dying my hair silly colours and in the space of 4 months i went from brown and red, to purple, back to red and then my hair was so damaged it had to be dyed brown and blonde for my hair to recover, luckily though i returned to my natural hair colour, phew! (photos below.. cringe)

red and brown hair.

dark purple.

It didn't take a few weeks though for my hair to go back to the way it was before, it took many hair appointments and a lot of money for it to get fixed! Every 5 weeks i went and got the dye cut out my hair and my lovely long hair i had before went disgustingly thin and had to get a shoulder length do, which i wasn't happy about, but then again i did do it to myself!

After all that, i thought i had got rid of the worst of my hair drama, but no, i was wrong! I started to get a itchy scalp at the front of my head under my fringe, i checked and i noticed clumps of dry skin forming but i done the sensible thing of not scratching it as i didn't want to lose more hair, so i went to Tesco and bought T Gel, a shampoo for dry skin and which doctors can also prescribe you. It was my last hope, and thankfully it did work after 2 weeks! It does come back but more in the colder months so i have a bottle in my drawer to hand in case it decides to creep back up on me!

If you are starting to lose strands of hair, don't panic! Ease of hot appliances like hair straighteners, hair dryers and curlers, use heat protection and don't wash your hair to much as it can also cause hair loss! If you have the same problem as i do, buy T Gel or if your concerned visit a doctor! Don't assume the worst, it can get fixed!

Karina xoxo

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