Tuesday, 1 October 2013

London Fashion Weekend.

I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion Weekend which was such an amazing opportunity to go to! To see all this Autumn/Winter Fashion and see all the designer's work such an Vivienne Westwood. I traveled all the way from Scotland, a fair trek but it was something i was so interested in and to get asked to blog about it to, well that was pretty cool!

I arrived bright and early and waited to get let in! As i won tickets from Vodafone and then got asked to blog, i got taken to the VIP lounge and wandered about until my catwalk show which was a 11.30am. I walked into the maybelline section which was next to the VIP lounge and wandered about looking and the new products. I must admit, i felt like a kid in and a candy shop, i just fell in love! A very lovely lady approached me and asked who my favourite member of the girl group 'The Saturdays' was. I said Mollie as she has been my favourite since the beginning. The girl looked at me and said to me i was 'just saying that because she has teamed up with maybelline to release a lipstick and that would i like to meet her at 12'. I was completely in shock as i had no clue that one of my role models was going to even be here, let alone meet her! I instantly said yes as there was only 25 slots to meet her. BUT, i'd have to lose my catwalk slot. I was gutted but i wanted to meet Mollie and ask her stuff so i turned it down and met Mollie King.

At this point some people might think i'm mad turning down a catwalk slot. I honestly did think long and hard but i came to the decision that i'm going to be at London fashion weekend again next year so i could go to it then as i wouldn't get a chance to met her again.

I wandered in and met Mollie herself. She was absolutely gorgeous and so friendly! She shook my hand and showed me to the set i'd be getting a photo with her! I got three Mollie lipsticks from her range and i had to team it up with a nude face, light eyeshadow and mascara then give a statement bright pink lip. She also signed a photo to,which i will leave below along with my photo with her.

After that we got a little lunch in the cutest wee area that was inside Somerset House. It was adorable. We also went to a seminar and watched Grace from Elle magazine speak about the latest make up and hair styles which was so useful and helpful. All the clothes were gorgeous and i wish i could of bought them all, but i'm afraid i couldn't afford them all! I did splash out on a designer bag which i adore. I also got two maybelline boxes and a free tote bag to which i will blog about in tomorrow's blog. Here's a few photos of LFW. Enjoy.

 Karina xoxo

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