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Maybelline Haul.

Around about 2-3 weeks ago i was at London Fashion Weekend, and was lucky enough to get some free Maybelline products and buy two Maybelline boxes for £10 each. I saved around about £15 - £20 in these boxes as i got 5 products in each box and considering 1 product is about £5 each this was definitely a great buy! 

The two boxes i bought were, 'Popping Pout' and 'Elegant Punk' as these had more gothic and darker colours in them, great for those Autumn/Winter months.

Popping Pout

Firstly i'll tell you the name and prices of these products and then go into detail! 

Master Smoky Eyeliner (black): £5.99
Great Lash Mascara: £4.99
Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara (dark brown): £4.99
Colour Sensational Vivids Collection (Hot Plum): £7.19
Neon Collection Nail Polish ( Fuschia Fever): £2.99

This brow mascara is so unusual to me! I mean I've seen this before but i was always to scared to buy it in case it looked like i had really bad and thick caterpillar eyebrows! So i took the plunge after staring at this for a good week, and tried this on a night out! I got soo many compliments from my friends about my eyebrows and couldn't believe this little tube of goodness could do it! Definitely try it! If not use eye shadow or an eye pencil to fill out your eye brows as you will not believe the difference it makes!

I tried this mascara once, and then passed it onto my mum as she does like her beauty products to! I did love this mascara and i asked her what she thought of it as i couldn't really judge it on just the one time using it, and she adores it! It's in her daily make up look and it makes her lashes look luscious!

This is a eye shadow and a eye pencil! I have only used this as an eye pencil on my water line, and i do like it as it applies quite thick, but it smudges under my eyes after a few hours so i need to go back and wipe my panda eyes again, then reapply! It's my only flaw with this product!

This is my favourite nail polish colour ever!! When i got it, i put it over my light blue nail polish i had on as i was that excited and it turned out amazing!! But, putting it on, on it's own it does need a good few coats to turn out a bright neon colour! So you could either put a base on first or keep applying this until it's the perfect colour for you!

Isn't this gorgeous!? I do love this even if it doesn't entirely suit my skin tone! I'm sure i can mix and match though and get it to suit me somehow! It's so pigmented and i'd definitely go and grab a Maybelline lipstick! I have a few now and they are my favourites!

Elegant Punk 

Mega Plush Mascara (black): £7.99
Superstay 14hr Lipstick (Continuous Cranberry): £6.99
Drama Gel Eyeliner (black): £7.99
Nail Lacquer (electric pink and blackout): £2.99 each

I already had this product, and so glad i got another! Here's my previous blog post on it!

I love these two colours, i love black especially coming up for winter time and i always seem to wear bright pinks on nights out, especially when i wear a black dress just to add some colour to my outfit! Make up and nails are always good for brightening up a look! Just like the other nail polish (above) my only flaw is that you need to add a few extra coats to your nails!

I'm not 100% sure that it does actually stay on for 14 hours as mine didn't! (It could be different for others) but it never did for myself! I do love this red though! It's matte and just gorgeous! It reminds me a lot of the Kate Moss lipsticks which i have a lot of! The girl who sold me this actually wore this and that's why i bought the box as i fell in love with the colour on!

I use this every single day along with my other Maybelline mascara, 'the falsies'. I tend to switch between both but i do love this as well! I'm just a huge sucker for Maybelline mascara, it's my favourite!

Bonus items

I got given this 'Mollie' Maybelline lipstick for free, well.. 3 of them for free! ( i am a sucker for all things free). Mollie King from the girlgroup 'the saturdays' teamed up with Maybelline and produced this beauty! It's a bright pink and you honestly don't need a lot of eye make up at all! Just nude eyes, with either black mascara or false eye lashes and this on your lips and you are set! Definitely go out and buy this, i think it's £7.99 in superdrug and boots!

I got this as a freebie to! It's a electric red with little bits of glitter through it! It is gorgeous on, really reminds me of christmas and gets me in the christmas spirit!

Any questions, feel free to ask!

Karina xoxo

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