Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Miss Edward Scissor Hands Tutorial.

This is a very quick and easy guide on how to do a Edward Scissor Hands Halloween look. All you need are, a foundation paler than your skin tone, baby powder (talcum powder), two shades of brown eye shadow (one lighter than the other), a dark bronzer, black lipstick or a black eye shadow for your lips and white eye pencil. You can also get sculpting gel for your scars, or just use some glue. I haven't added this on as i couldn't find mine. For the full Edward look, get a black wig or even the Edward Scissor hand outfit from any Halloween costume website, or even easier,  Click Here for the costume. 

So first off i start with a lighter foundation that normal and apply that all over my face and neck, then follow it by added talcum powder to a face brush and dabbing all around your face until you are happy with the look. Your eyebrows have to be lighter as you will only be putting the eye shadow half across your eyebrows, I used a white eye pencil to lighten mine for a more fuller effect.

Then you get your light eye shadow to begin with. I used MUA's 'Undressed' Palette shades 3 and 8 for this look. First apply the shadow on your brow bone, eyebrows, inner corners and outer corners and a horizontal line under your eyes as you can see here. Leave your lids eye shadow free as they have to be white to add more of the ghost affect. Then get your darker shadow and fill in the parts of the look which need to be more defined, Inner Corners of eyes and start of eyebrows (not the whole way along). Then go back and put white eyeliner on your waterline, and also add some to your eye lids.

Then apply your black lipstick to the middle of your lips, leaving the corners lipstick free. Take your time as it can be tricky to get it just right, but practice makes perfect!

Then get your bronzer and apply it to your hairline, and cheeks (as you need to use this as more of a blusher for this look) but as your applying to your cheek take the line down to the end of your chin and stop. You can see in this photo what i mean if you are a little confused. I then went over all the bronzer with the lighter eye shadow to define it more. 

Finish off the look with scars (if you wish) and your Edward Scissor Hands costume, bought or homemade it doesn't matter as it will look fabulous. This is such a fun look for me and with the wig to finish it off, a lot of people didn't recognise me. 

Happy Halloween Everyone! 
Karina xoxo

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