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September Favourites

This was supposed to go up about a week ago but I've had a lot of things on so here it is, my September favourites! Prices will be at the end of this post!

This has been my favourite purchase of all in September! My skin is very oily and it was getting to a stage i couldn't find any foundation in the high street that would be high coverage and stop me from breaking out! I tried everything, and wasted so much money! So i went online and bought this beauty, Mac studio fix in shade NW15. I'd heard so much good reviews on this, I decided to buy it and see for myself! It does complete wonders to my skin and because it is only powder it doesn't look like i'm wearing anything on my face at all and it makes me feel so much more confident which is a winner in my books!

This item was part of my September glossy box, which i sadly didn't do a review on this month as honestly, i completely forgot and i think it's to late now to do a review on it as my October glossy box is on it's way to me! I was so excited though when i received this in my glossy box! I was literally that day i received it going to go out and buy a new blusher! So, when this arrived i was more than happy! It gives such a sun kissed finish and looks great on my pale skin! It's not to pink that it makes me look like a clown, it's just enough to give me that glow! 

My boyfriend bought this for me for our anniversary present at the end of August and i was so excited to try it out as he got the colour just right for me! It's in the shade Rose Gold and comes out a beautiful shimmery pink! I was going to do a swatch of this, but my camera wouldn't pick up the exact colour, and didn't want to show you guys a rubbish swatch and then you wouldn't go out and try it! It's great for 'going to school' look or if you can't wear much make up in school, this is just subtle but you can still tell you have colour on your eyes!

I also got this product with my September Glossy Box! I'd never really used a pen eye liner before as it's never something I'd ever seen would give a great result as to my Maybelline Gel eye liner or my handy Rimmel Liquid one! It was such a change for me, and the best way to try it out for myself was on a night out! It literally stayed on all night and i just love this! I do still love my gel and liquid liner though but going outside my comfort zone and trying this was definitely a great idea!

My Mum actually had this lying about her room from Christmas time and gave it to me as i usually wear more smokier eyes than she does! I just love this! It's by '17' and i have wore this a lot through September going into October! It even gives you instructions to give a great smoky eye look! I'm not sure they sell this procuct anymore but definitely go onto and check out this Christmas Collection for 17 as it's gorgeous!

I've tried this hand cream before but in a different scent and loved it! But recently i got this as a freebie and was so excited to try out this rose scent! It leaves my hands feeling A-MAZ-INNG! It smells gorgeous and this is just a must have item i have in my handbag at all times!

I did just do a blog on these baby lips, lip balms! But i love them that much it was obvious they were going to appear in my September Favourites! This is my favourite, Pink Punch! This is just a gorgeous pink tinted lip balm which i use daily! Even on days i'm in the house just having a little colour on your lips leaves you feeling fabulous! 

I got this in my September Glossy box and i love it that much i'm going to go out and buy the larger bottle of this! This is Elizabeth Arden's 'Untold' Perfume. My Mum and I have been fussing over this for weeks and we are always stealing it off each other to use! Definitely go into your local high street store and try this out, you definitely wont be disappointed! 

This was another gift from my boyfriend on our anniversary! I'm obsessed with perfume! I know this is very popular so a lot of you would of either smelt this or even own it! I love it that much though i don't want to use it because it will run out! 

I've had this for about two months now, and this is by far the best facial scrub I've owned! After a while with most scrubs I've tried my skin starts to react to it and then i need to go out and buy another one to try and then the same happens again! So far though I've had no problems and my skins look so much more healthier and gives my skin a lovely glow! My skin also hasn't broke out since I've used this.. result!!

Price list of the items I've shown above.

Mac Studio Fix (NW15): £21.50
HD Brows, Blusher (blusher 2): £17.95
Maybelline Colour Tattoo (Rose gold): £4.99
Be a Bombshell Eyeliner: $14.00
L'occitane hand cream (rose): £8.00
Baby Lips (pink punch): £2.99
Elizabeth Arden (Untold): £35-48
Nina Ricci (Nina): £38.50
Neutrogina face scrub: £3.99

Favourite Youtuber: Daily Bumps: These guys are an American Family who blog daily about there live. Bryan, Missy, Baby Oliver and Dog Karma, make up there perfect little family! They are hilarious and it shows the ups and downs they have been through in the last year, obviously in the name.. 'daily bumps'. If you love the Irish Youtubers, Saccone Joly's you will certainly love these guys! Go and check them out!
Favourite Song: One Republic - Counting Stars

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