Friday, 20 December 2013

December Glossy Box | Reveal and Review

This month's glossy box wasn't so impressive, well for myself anyway! But here's my reveal and review of this month's glossy box and the products which i love and dislike.

This product is from Beautiful Movement Cosmetics and the price of this small nude and compact lip gloss is £12. I do like this lip gloss actually, it is a little light for me though. I tend to blend it in with my dark lipsticks which i wear at night so it turns a little lighter and looks acceptable to wear in the day time. Over all, nice product but i don't think i will buy it once it runs out, i will stick to the lip glosses which i know will suit me! 6/10.

I was very excited about this product, yeah i know it is just a razor but i did need a new one which was a little more expensive and would help my skin as it's sensitive. This may look like an electric razor, but it's not, around the razor is a soap bar and a razor in the middle. You can buy the soap and razor pack in your high street stores. This is £6.49 which i think is great for this product! 10/10.

This is the only product i haven't tried out yet. The little card that comes with this glossy box says it gives a satin smooth finish. I will do a separate blog for this though in the next few days showing the results! This is £9.95 for a 14ml bottle.

This Lipsy 'Glam' perfume is absolutely gorgeous! For me personally it's a strong fruity smell, which i adore and couldn't stop spraying this when i first got it. Going to go out and buy the bottle as well! For people who don't like strong perfume's this might not be for you, but you could go into Lipsy and try it for yourself! This is £25 from Lipsy. 9/10.

I wanted to cry when i opened my Glossy Box and seen this lying there. I got this bought for me in September and i done a review of it HERE. This is my favourite eye shadow by far but i just wish i got another colour! It's fine having two though, but was a little disappointed with this, obviously not there fault though as they never knew i had it! 7/10.

Karina xoxo

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