Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Secret Santa Gifts For Under £5 | Blogmas | Day Sixteen

I've only ever done secret santa once, but I love the idea of it! My boyfriend inspired me to do this blog as he is actually doing a £5 secret santa at work, which when he told me my first response was 'but it's only a fiver, is that not difficult?' So, i've been searching high and low for £5 gifts and here's what i've found.

James & Friends Medium Pencil Case | £5.50 | So this is 50p over but I honest couldn't resist this! I need this! Look how cute it is, and definitely a good pencil case for any of your friends/family who are bloggers! This is from part of the stationary range by Jim Chapman (youtube).

Sass & Belle Robin Jewellery Box | £5.00 | This is a delicate gift which would look pretty sitting on a dresser or bedside table. If I had to buy anything for a woman I'd definitely purchase this little treasure! 

Set of 3 Cookie Cutters | £4.50 | If you have someone who loves to bake during Christmas these cookie cutters are right in the budget! In this set of 3 you get a stocking, angel and gingerbread man! 

Star Wars Stickers | £3.50 | The new Star Wars movie is out tomorrow, so I thought I'd add this in. If you have a Star Wars lover, why not buy these stickers that you can put on your laptop, phone etc. 

Ted Baker Mini Golden Treasure | £4.00 | This is a miniature shimmer body butter, and if you know anyone who likes Ted Baker or just likes to feel gorgeous, then this is the perfect gift.

Ted Baker Mens Mini Stocking Filler | £5.00 | In this set there's a body spray and a hair & body wash.  You can't really go wrong with gift sets, so I think this is perfect! 

Pug In A Mug Tea Infuser | £5.00 | For the tea and pug lovers! A simple gift which in fact can be very useful!

Sudoku On A Puzzle Cube | £5.00 | If you get someone who loves games or Sudoku this is a puzzle I've never actually seen before! It's quite like a Rubiks Cube but instead of colours you have to get 1-9 on each side of the Cube.

Beanstalk Seeds | £5.00 | If you have someone who loves gardening, then this can be a very special gift for them! You can put a message or sketch onto a beanstalk, plant the seeds and then watch the message grow! 

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