Thursday, 17 December 2015

What I've Learnt About Myself This Year | Blogmas | Day Seventeen

I've been sitting on this idea for a while now, wondering if I should post this. I wasn't going to, but, I class my blog as my diary and a good way to look back on how far I've come!

This year in particular I've learnt an awful lot about myself, and well, life! Life can be difficult sometimes can't it? I'm now 21 and when I thought my teenage years would be the hardest, boy was I wrong! This is the time in your life you find out who your real friends are, who to trust and not to trust and to, well, start growing up! And I've done a lot of that this year! So, here's what I've learnt! 

Friends. I love my friends, a lot, but I started off the year with a lot more than I have now. This time last year I had a great group of friends, there was a good lot of us and I went from having a group who were inseparable , to about 3. That sucked. BIG time! Things changed, it was a simple as that. You grow older and realise who to trust and who not to, I must now only have about 4 good friends who I can trust with my life. These guys below mean the world to me, from my school friends to the friends I've became closer to this year. Thank you, you guys rock! (Not all my close friends are in these below as don't have up to date photos, but you guys mean just as much, you know who you are).

Not caring what people think of me. I used to care, a lot! I used to get upset and dwell on it for hours or even days, which thinking back was so stupid of me! The person that really changed my way of thinking, and not caring anymore, was my boyfriend. We have been through a lot together and noticing that he didn't care what others thought really pushed me to not care and do things that made me happy. I used to put others happiness before mine, but for once putting mine first really changed me and made me a better person. I'm a lot more open with someone if I have a problem and if someone doesn't like me because they heard something I done, I don't care. I ignore it or that person and move on. Life is way to short.  

Saving. I've learnt to finally save money and not spend it on makeup or clothes. Next year is a complete fresh start for my boyfriend and I. We are moving away and talking about the future really gets me excited! It's definitely what we need, and being able to see the money we've saved on our own place will really show me that saving has finally payed off! 

I've a had a lot of great times this year, but this one especially has been a learning curve for me! What have you learn about yourself this year? Let me know! 
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