Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Urban decay | naked 2 palette

Today I am doing a review on the 'Urban Decay, Naked 2 palette'. For a long time now I have wanted this and now I finally have my hands on one, I can tell you all about this amazing product!

This palette for starters is very sturdy, the better packaging the more people it will attract and it definitely attracted me, along with the 12 gorgeous nude/dark shades you get in it! Plus as a bonus I got a free lipgloss which I'd also recommend, it tingles when you apply the pink shade and goes on very easy and has a great lasting effect!

Next I will go onto the eye shadows. Out of every eye palette I own, and I do own a lot of them! This has to be my favourite by far! That amazing I didn't want to use it at first as it was just to pretty to use! But, obviously I did use it in the end and my gosh I'm glad I did! The shadows apply on very easy with the brush/blending brush you get in the palette. My three favourites at the moment are, half baked, snakebite and ydk! The three blending together suit my eye perfectly! I'd definitely give it a go! 

I haven't tried out any different techniques yet with the other shadows, but I am definitely going to be! And in the upcoming weeks will be putting up different blog posts on my eyes with the different shades! I am excited as you are to see what wonderful and creative ways I can use this beautiful platte!

Karina xoxo

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