Thursday, 4 July 2013

MUA nail polish.

My review today is on the new 'mua' nail polish. What attracted me to this product was the packaging as it is very similar to 'Essie' a more expensive nail polish! And did I mention 'mua' is only £1! What a bargain!

As you can see in the photo I took, the bottling is almost identical to Essie products! (You can see the Essie bottle on one off previous posts). A glass bottle with the product name carved into it. It's a small dinky bottle and is great for taking on your travels!

Now onto the product itself! I got a sky blue colour! First thing I noticed when I opened the packaging was that the nail polish is quite watery which wasn't great if I'm honest! It applied quite lightly at first so had to reapply the polish 2/3 times for the finish i got ( see photo above).

 I do recommended this but I do warn you it might not be for everybody's taste! I'm still not sure, myself if I will be purchasing another nail polish from this range! Not everything in MUA are bad though! I am loving the eye palettes and nail art products you can buy! It's cheap and affordable and great if your just starting your makeup collection! Tell me what you think! 

Karina xoxo

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