Friday, 12 July 2013

Elf beauty haul, part two!

I have heard a lot of people rave about highlighting sticks for your skin and i never understood exactly why they were made! I used to use a white eye shadow which done the job for me perfectly fine! When i went onto 'elf' though i found a cheap highlight and decided id buy it and see what the difference would be! It cost me £1.50 which is amazing as the one i have heard people rave about is the MAC highlight which is about £18 and i didn't want to splash out on something i wouldn't like or would't use!

I will insert the photos first then tell you about why i have fallen in love with this!

Firstly, the all over cover stick basically does what it says on the packaging, it can be used all over your face for a natural glow or can be used to highlight the main parts of your face! I use mine for cheek bones, below eye brows and sometimes on the inner of my eyes to make them pop! Second of all for me it stays on for a good amount of time, i usually throw it in my make up bag and apply every so often if i feel myself i need a touch up! Lastly, it smells of refreshers the sweets! I kid you not! When i first received it i wanted to eat it more than apply it, and that isn't right for a make up to smell so tasty!

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