Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tattoo advice and help.

I have decided to do a blog today about tattoos! How to clean them, care for them and what it's like getting one!

I have wanted a tattoo for years, but tattoos have a lot of planning behind them and aren't a thing to rush into as its going to be with you for life! I recently got one (two days ago to be exact) so I'm going to tell you what mine means to me and what the pain is like! Then near the end of the blog explain how you care for it!

I thought long and hard about this tattoo for months and because it means a lot to me I decided to go for it! The meaning behind mine? Well.. I have seven swallows on my arm which are a memory of my seven beautiful family members which have sadly past away since ive been born. i will add to it when another sadly goes! So whenever i look at it, it reminds me of them said people who meant a lot to me! (tattoo below)
This tattoo was done by an amazing romanian artist in fort william which is near my home town, its called 'extreme tattoo and piercings' and id definitely give it a look at! There work is fantastic!

How painful is it!?

Me personally i never found it sore, i actually laughed a little as the vibration of the gun made my whole arm shake! If you have a good pain thresh hold like myself then you well be absolutely fine! Afterwards, I'm not going to lie to you, it is painful especially when cleaning it! Which brings me on to the last topic...

How to care for your tattoo!

You have to take great care of it as its just like having a cut, but a really big one! When you get your tattoo you will get cling film around it, keep that one for about an hour or so, until the bleedings stops then wash it withi9 warm soapy water! Then apply bepanthen, which is just nappy rash cream for babies! (photo below) and id do this for about 5/6 times a day, which is what i'm doing at the moment! Yes, it can be a pain and you have to leave a lot of time in your day to look after it but after the healing process it is totally worth it! Whatever you do, do not itch your tattoo or take of the scab when it does, or if it does! As you can take of ink and then have to go back and get it redone which is a pain! 

Oh, and don't be afraid to take showers incase it "falls off" as i was at first, haha! Don't listen to other peoples opinions on getting tattoos as its your opinion as everybody is different, i listened to a lot and for me? it wasnt bad at all! Have fun, and i can garentee you will spend all your money on more! 

Karina, xoxo
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