Saturday, 4 May 2013

Make up storage idea!

So recently I started buying new things for my room, and whilst cleaning I realised I have a lot of make up and make up brushes just lying about and I never knew how to store them! I didn't want to store them away I wanted to show them on my dressing table as it would be easier access to them!

So a recent trip to ikea with my boyfriend and his family I had an absolute field day their! I still hadn't found any storage for them until u hit the outdoor/plants area. I loads of pretty pots from large to small, bright pink to white! I fell I'm love with these two white plant pots (shown below)  they are so pretty and go really well with my room as its quite a bright room with loads of shades of cream in it.

All my brushes fit snugly into these gorgeous pots and I also found the purple pot from whsmith, it's actually a pencil holder but I love the designs on it! Also I put my earrings on the pot to just brighten it up a bit without ruining the pot! 

I hope you like my idea and if you have any please share them below!

White pots | ikea
Purple pot | whsmith 
Earrings | forever 21 and new look.
Make up brushes | fearne cotton and Victoria Jackson.

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