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July favourites

Sorry about the lack of blog posts lately but been very busy working and had a lot of personal issues going on, but that's me back now! Hurrah!

So i'm going to be telling you about me July Favourites and hopefully you will love them as much as i do and give them a shot! Please note, i have blogged about a few so you can refer to the previous blog posts (i will link them below).

I am going to start with my two Ted Baker make up bags i received, i got one for my birthday and bought one as a little gift to myself!

The first one is the leopard print make up bag. I got this as a gift from my parents for my 19th birthday which was a few weeks ago! I love this! It's so pretty and fits all my makeup in it perfectly! The other reason they bought it and i love it is that it's called, Karina. How awesome is that!?

The second Ted Baker bag is actually a toiletry bag but i bought it for a makeup bag/going out clutch!  It's a pretty light pink/nude colour with a pink bow on the front with a gold stud holding on the bow! It's so spacious inside and literally can hold everything in it, from my makeup to my perfumes, and even my eye shadow palettes!

Next is my all time favourite product of the month! This has basically been a lifesaver to my hair and made it in such good condition! I needed something for my hair to protect it from heat as it was damaging my hair that much my hair was snapping off! So i splashed out and bought Lee Stafford Shampoo and Heat protection spray! Straight away i could feel the difference of how much healthier my hair felt! It did make my hair feel a little dry at first but then as i dried it and applied the heat protection is went straight away and felt nicer and healthier! Now if you ever do buy the heat protection spray always remember spray it a arm length away as any closer it can make your hair sticky, but that's because of the natural oils in it! It cost me £23 for both. A little expensive but does wonder on your locks!



Next is the bareMinerals primer in the 15ml bottle. I have two of these, the full size and the smaller one! I got them both from my mum's friend who owns a hair salon and sells the bareMinerals products! I really am in love with this! I have heard a lot of people say that primer doesn't do much and it's a waste of money, but i notice a different when using it! All you do is a use a little bit, about the size of a pea, and apply on your face or eyes. I put it on before my eye shadow, so i apply to the lids of my eyes, do my foundation, then by the time i get around to applying eye shadows it has sunk in and it makes it last even longer on my eyes! It's a great investment! i am also really looking into buying the urban decay primer lotion as well! 

ELF cosmetics has been a huge part of my life recently, it's all i've been buying as its cheap and affordable! This is a lipstick or as they are commonly known as 'chubby sticks'. I usually apply a lighter lipstick to start off with then apply this, i am loving this at the moment! It has a glitter through it, which might not be everyone's taste but they do, do others without glitter through! It just makes my lips look amazing! And it's only about £1.50! What a bargain!

Swatch of the ELF cosmetics chubby stick

 Nearly there guys! (honest). My next product is the 'Rimmel wake me up concealer'. Now i didn't want to go along with the hype, but i ran out of my 'collection' concealer and decided after a lot of thinking to get this. Now i wasn't to sure at first as i wasn't impressed as it made my skin a little oily! I then applied the Rimmel face powder to set it and it looks fabulous! It takes away the dark circles under my eyes, and makes me look more fresh and adds a healthy glow! Definitely buy this! It's about £4.99. 

My blog on the 'Rimmel apocalips' lipgloss:

Other favourites:

Favourite song: Demi Lovato - Made in the USA
Favourite App: Candy Crush
Favourite Youtube of the month: Saconne Joly's
Favourite music video: One Direction - Best song ever

Karina xoxo

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