Monday, 26 August 2013

Victoria Jackson make up haul.

Everyone raves about, Mac, Benefit, Inglot etc. But the make up brand i have a lot of and i use in my everyday make up routine is, Victoria Jackson. If you guys haven't heard of her before, she has a website and is based in the USA but i'd definitely go and check it out! So i'm going to show you my make up palettes i have and here's hoping you will love them as much as i do and purchase some!

So this was one of the first palettes i received and it's my favourite out the lot of them! It has more natural colours and a few odd darker. They are really pigmented and what's also great about this palette is that you got a eye liner and mascara with it! In the next few weeks i'm going to be doing some make up looks using this palette so keep an eye out for that!

swatches of palette above (the first 3 are very light but you can just make them out)

Now, i haven't used this as much as i wanted to as i tend to use lipsticks more than lipglosses but i do use then when i want to tone down a brighter lipstick and even it out to the colour my skin tone matches. So i really only use this palette for that, and that alone! But this would be good for people who are into glosses and want something a little different. 

swatches of the lip gloss palette

This is the bronzer i always use on a night out, i have two of these as i love them so much! They are just the perfect shade for my skin, not to in your face but not to light either! I'd go and check them out. They definitely wont disappoint! 

I got this palette and another (which will be down below) in a set, Day and Night. This is the night time palette. More darker eye shadows, blusher and lips. I really do love this but i haven't been brave to wear dark purples out yet. But, i'm going to start using all my high end make up more, so a make up look will definitely be on the cards using this palette! (LEFT TO RIGHT)
  • highlight
  • three purple eye shadows
  • blusher
  • two red lip glosses

This is the 'day time' palette. As you can tell, i have used this A LOT. I haven't really used it for the past 4 months but this used to get a lot before then! The blusher is just the right colour for me and i don't want to finish it as i can't find another one i love as much as that! The three eye shadows are 2 pinks and a black. I used to blend those three constantly together to give a smokey eye look. (LEFT TO RIGHT)

  • Bronzer
  • 2 pink and 1 black eye shadow
  • blusher
  • 2 pink lip glosses

Finally, last but not least. My large palette. Now, must admit, i found this at the make of my make up drawer about a month ago and can't believe i forgot about it! The four eye shadows are totally me at the moment as i'm going for a more nude look on my eyes! I get a lot of use out of the blushers at the moment to and use them daily but as for the poor lip glosses i just feel like i neglect them as i'm just not a fan of them! If i could take them out of it and pass it on to someone else, i would! You may be wondering why there are three brushes missing, but that's because i took them out and put them in my make up pot. I don't tend to use brushes i get with sets and use my own! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this VERY long haul. Please check out her stuff, it's incredible! 

Karina xoxo

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