Friday, 30 August 2013

Baby Lips Review

My most recent purchase are these gorgeous lip balms by Maybelline called 'Baby Lips' which are £2.99 and you can find these in the likes of Superdrug and Boots. They have only recently arrived in the UK and they have hit it big! It literally took me a good few shops to find them in as they are sold out everywhere! There are 6 to collect and the only one i couldn't get my hands on was the Yellow one! But, i did manage to get the rest! I'll name them all for you and then go into a little detail on these must have lip products!

(from left to right)
Pink: 'Pink Punch'
Purple: 'Peach Kiss'
Blue: 'Hydrate'
Green: 'Mint Fresh'
Orange: 'Cherry Me'
( The Yellow one which i don't yet have is called, 'Intense Care').

All these lip balms do work the same for me! They are all moisturising and a easy size to just pick up and go! Each day i'll tend to pick up a different one and try it out! The only three with a flavour to them are, 'Peach kiss' which obviously tastes like peach, 'Mint Fresh' which is very minty, and 'Cherry Me' which is my favourite flavour and i literally just want to eat it! But, the one for me which i take to work with me every day is 'Hydrate' (blue). I work in a place where i need to go into huge freezers and Fridges a lot of the time and my lips chap so quickly due to the coldness, but the hydrate lip balm for me just works a complete treat! It really does do what the name says and hydrates your lips! I notice a difference straight away and can't stop telling people at work about them, hoping they will go out and buy them to! They are definitely one of my must have beauty products for winter!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know!

Karina xoxo

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