Friday, 26 February 2016

Top 5 Nude Shades | Lipsticks & Lip Gloss

 (L-R | Please Me, Fabby & Snob)

When it comes to nude lipsticks, personally I find it hard to find the perfect one! I have so many deep reds, to purples which are almost identical, but to me, each one is slightly different. Just me? However, nude lipsticks come in so many shades which can go from a nice pale subtle shade to a dark pink which really doesn't suite me! I can spend hours in my local drugstore searching for a perfect nude lipstick but I always come out empty handed!

As much as I love online shopping it's difficult when your shopping for lipsticks as the shade can be completely different when you receive it. So, that's were I browse through youtube and blogs so I can see just what the colours like! After a long time of testing, these are my favourite nude shades at the moment!

MAC | Fabby | This is a frosted shade by MAC and it's absolutely gorgeous! I'd never owned a lipstick like this before, and I actually went into MAC to try this on! It was an instant love, and definitely going to be buying this again when I run out!

MAC | Please Me | I love a good matte lipstick, and this is one of my favourites to wear! This is a deeper pink to Snob but looks great for daytime wear or a night out. Also, it pretty much goes with any make up look.

MAC | Snob | This is quite a bright nude and really does stand out. I remember when I first bought this I wasn't to sure if it would suit me or not, but it's a shade I always see myself grabbing.

Tanya Burr | Afternoon Tea | I don't tend to wear lipgloss so when I received this as a gift it honestly couldn't be more perfect! This is a gorgeous subtle pink shade, and looks great if your going for a very effortless look. Love it!

Barry M | Whenever I take this lipstick out in public heads do turn! I mean, it's green! But this actually turns a pink that matches your skin tone! So this goes quite pink on me, but I absolutely love it!

What are your favourite high street/ high end nude shades? Please let me know below, always look for something new!
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