Sunday, 7 February 2016

January Favourites

Finally! I'm back after a very strange January. But I'm starting my fresh start now and back into blogging, starting with my January Favourites.

Gerard Cosmetics | I received two of the Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks for Christmas in the shades, Fire Engine and Dragon Berry and they have quickly became my favourite lip products! They are long lasting and also helps that the packaging is cute too! I mean who isn't a sucker for packaging!? I can't wait to buy some more as i've got my eye on a few!  I've left some swatches below!

Lumix Camera | This was also a very thoughtful gift of my parents for my Christmas and I tend to take this everywhere with me! It's great if i'm out at a cute cafe or go a walk as my iPhone camera just isn't the same! I'm also really wanting to get into Youtube so hoping this gives me the courage to do so!

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Contour Kit| I've always wanted a good contour kit, and i've tried so many, i've lost count! But, this is my far the best contour kit i've tried and it's definitely my go to! This is in the shade Medium - Tan, and even if I am pretty pale this really suits me! You get a great selection of shades and also great if you fake tan too!

Benefit Concealer | I've never owned a benefit concealer before so when I bought their box of their most popular products and this was in it I couldn't wait to try it out! I use shade 01 and it's the most perfect shade for my skin tone! When I use up my tester I'm definitely going to buy more!

Fitness App | My Fitness Pal | I've done a blog (below) mentioning this but it's really became a lifesaver! I used to eat a lot of junk food, I really didn't have a filter and must of been going way over my calories each day! But this app keeps me up to date on how much calories I've got left just simply by jotting down after each meal what you've had! You'll be surprised at how much your over eat, it definitely gave me a shock!

Lady Million Perfume | This is a perfume I've always had a wee smell at every time I went into a drug store. It's smells gorgeous, and this is by far my favourite perfume, but I do only tend to where this if i'm going out somewhere special as it's too good to use up! If you love floral scents I'd definitely go and give this a try.

Fake Eyelashes | I've only recently starting wearing these more on nights out, and I think they really pull a make up look together! I was always slightly afraid of them as thought by the end of the night I'd of lost one and wouldn't notice! Just me? Eylure are the brand I tend to go for at the moment with these two (pictured) being my favourites!

Parks and Recreation | This TV Show had been running since 2009 but, I only started watching this at the beginning of January. I'm on season 6 now and absolutely obsessed with it! If you've ever watched The Office this will be right up your street! It's hilarious and if you need a good laugh this will definitely do that! It has a great cast including Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt. I've been watching this on google play but you can purchase it online too!
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