Saturday, 9 April 2016

March Favourites.

After having a month off, due to personal issues I am now back and excited to get back into the swing of things!  So here are my March favourites to ease myself back into blogging!

L'Oreal Paris Sculpt Palette | Contour | I was looking through many high street stores for a cheap alternative contour palette which is also cream based. So, when I watched some of my favourite youtubers rave about this contour palette I went straight out and bought it! I am quite pale, so bought the shade light/medium which perfect for my skin tone. There is also a highlighter which I don't actually use as much, but it still gave off good results. I purchased this for £10.

L'Oreal Paris Blush Sculpt | This as well as the contour sculpt palette is new from L'Oreal. Most people don't wear blusher but I look ill unless I don't wear some. I was in great need of a new blusher so very glad I came across this! It has three different shades, which you can use seperatly for a blush contour, but I blend all three shades together for a rosy finish. This was £7.99.

Dune Bucket Bag | Asos | I was desperately looking for a small summer bag, so I searched through Asos. Pages later of their amazing sale, I found this beauty! It's absolutely perfect and the pastel pink just screams 'summer'. This was £35 reduces from £59 which I thought was pretty great considering how great the quality is!

Mason Jar | Tesco | With Tesco being one of the only supermarkets where I live (yes I know, it's awful) I tend to be in there a lot looking at the homeware section! So with their new summer range out I came across this. This is a plastic mason jar and I honestly couldn't be happier with it! It's so handy to take around with me, and the small price of £3, I couldn't go wrong! 

Sunglasses | Asos | I bought these gorgeous sunglasses from Asos, but they are actually from River Island. I have been wanting a new pair for a while now, as here in the UK we are starting to get the odd sunny day here and there! I love the patterned frame and they fit so snug on, I am so happy I purchased these. Unfortunately they are out of stock, but Asos have an amazing sale on right now, so I'd definitely go over and check it out, as there are so many more gorgeous sunglasses online. 

Favourite Youtuber of the month | Mark Ferris

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