Thursday, 19 February 2015

My 'Go To' Beauty Books.

Tanya Burr - Love, Tanya
Fleur De Force - The Glam Guide
Lauren Conrad - Beauty

Without social media these days us beauty lovers old and new wouldn't have the first clue on the latest trends and how to make that perfect smokey eye. I remember a few years ago I'd spend hours on youtube and blogs trying out new make up and hair ideas wishing I could make it look that good, then a week later completely forgetting where I saw that video or blogpost and then beginning my search all over again.

These days though talented beauty bloggers and youtubers are releasing their own beauty books which I'm ecstatic about as I'd rather sit and cosy up with a good read than sit in front of a computer screen all day searching for something which I might never find. 

My top three beauty books are my own personal opinion. All three are completely different and give us a completely different outlook on their lives, beauty, hair and skincare routines, fitness routines and blogging tips, which for me is a plus! 

If you are interested in starting a youtube or blog or even just wanting some tips on beauty related ideas I'd definitely give these books a read!

 Links to buy these books are above!

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