Wednesday, 5 March 2014

P.S. LOVE | New Primark Beauty Range.

When it comes to make up i'm very high maintenance and love spending money on the likes of MAC, Benefit and Chanel. So, when Primark released their new beauty range I was very intrigued as already I was seeing a lot of positive reviews from other beauty gurus and bloggers! I picked up a collection on which I'd use, sadly though I couldn't get my hands on the day and night eye palettes and I'll be waiting a while to try and get my hands on them as I don't live near a Primark! Maybe next time though! These products are price ranged between £1 to £1.50.. bargain! Here are a few of the bits I received and my views on them.

 These Lip Stains are gorgeous! I'm always nervous about using lip stains in case i can't get the colour of my lips as i'm not allowed to wear bright lip colours to work. So, i test them out at weekends and i adore them! I team the red lip stain up with the red lip gloss i got which i've reviewed down below, and i team the pink lip stain up with my pink lip gloss from smashbox! If you want a long lasting colour then definitely try out lip stains they are completely worth the money.

I don't tend to wear lip gloss that much but this looked a gorgeous shade of dark red so i thought I'd give it a go! I only wear this when I have my red lip stain on as without I feel like this falls off my lips a lot quicker, but after all it is lip gloss and I'm more of a lipstick kind of girl!

When it comes to eye liners I must own at least, about 20! I'm obsessed and can't leave the house without wearing it! So adding these two black eye liners to my collection and getting a pencil sharpener with it was luck as i lost my pencil sharpener for my eye liners! It applies easy to my water line and it lasts for hours, i do have to apply it at least twice a day! 

Volumising mascara is my best friend, I have quite short eye lashes and also having blonde eye lashes becomes such a problem for me! I can apply as much mascara as I like but still some lashes peak through! So trying this mascara for a £1 i was pretty sure the results were going to be a nightmare . Boy, was I wrong! This leaves my eyes looking fabulous and covers ever single eye lash, my only moan is that I wish it was a waterproof volumising mascara, but that's the reason why i bought the waterproof mascara. (below)

I'm loving this. I love the thick applicator and I coat this on after I put on the volumising mascara, above. This is a little beauty in my eyes.

Any other Primark beauty products which you recommend?

Karina xoxo

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