Thursday, 6 March 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick | Moisturizing lip colour balm

I received these little beauties for my Christmas and I couldn't contain my excitement! I'm in love with Clinique products but I've never owned their chubby sticks before!

(from top - bottom. 
15. Pudgy Peony
16. Voluptuous Violet
11. Two Ton Tomato)

 I may of got my hopes up a little though, even though the pink and red toned chubby stick stays put and looks amazing on my lips, the purple one, well, doesn't! I'm a huge fan of purple lips, I hate leaving on a night out without my statement lips so I thought this would be the same! It wasn't and I'm a little let down about it. As you can tell by the photo though, Pudgy Peony and Two Ton Tomato take to my skin but Voluptuous Violet doesn't. Don't get me wrong though, It might just not take on my lips, and you might be the lucky person on which it does! Let me know below if you've used it!

I got them in a 3 set from boots, but you can get the full sizes here for £17.

Karina xoxo

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